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This week Maxwell and Tommy talk about a very specific genre of horror film you can watch on Netflix, TV shows being rebooted and ones we don’t want to see, and catching up on other movie and TV news.

[0:00] Today on this weekend pop movies that.

[0:03] Leave the room isolated Thrillers to get used to the name it’s going to be a thing is that a section in Blockbuster it should be at one that’s left TV shows that shouldn’t come back and TV shows that they did.

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[1:08] I wasn’t ready for that I didn’t know how else to do it was good,
it’s been awhile it’s been 2 weeks 2 weeks yes Sac yes LOL missing.
Jenna she forgot we were back this week at school she’s actually sick and it’s funny I feel bad because there’s a few people who had the flu and a cold I’ve had people in my family who have a cold,
and it’s like in June it’s weird it’s like when it’s summertime and I supposed to be sick in the summer save that for the winter when there’s nothing else to do nobody my family gets sick I’ve never been sick that’s never happened never,
it’s getting more healthy kind of odd everyday lots of talk about you know how much we I think if we now count it I think of it.
Past three episodes we’ve somewhere somehow always mentioned.

[1:58] Solo I don’t get why I don’t like that were talking about it’s all the time yet but we somehow get roped in yeah because it’s such an anomaly that.
Anomaly anomaly but I like to see some accidents that was accidental accidental,
the fact that it did say it’s a Star Wars movie in a tanked and it’s funny too I had a day off and my son was home from school is like you know what.
Imma go take him to go to the movies and I was like I’ll take it to go see solo and then I saw you went to know that I was like.
I didn’t see any that was like I forget the movies like a bad idea like you left him like Blake Michael leaves George Michael on the stairs of the fishing said something came up even better is the fact that it keeps my mind again I have Movie Pass,
I’m not going to matter of money it’s just laziness even want to go spend time with your son.
Yeah and I still spend time with her just that I don’t spend time with him watching that and I didn’t know this but Ron Howard wrecking I guess his,
Raz recognize sort of half-ass apologize for the lack of success for the movie cuz it has I mean still made over 200 and $380 domestic which sort of in the equivalent of tanking,
in Star Wars Universe about half of what Rogue one made so let me know text and make the money that was supposed to make for Star Wars film and there’s,
7 reasons as to why people think it is like the drama that’s all around it.

[3:31] 85% of people go see movies don’t pay attention to what’s happening behind the scenes only nerds like us focus on the drama happening backstage,
I don’t think they had a lot to do with it I might wouldn’t be surprised if it would you ask over half of people if they knew that the original directors of that were the Millers the Lord and Chris Miller,
play around you never get it right yeah they would never know that yeah I think so I think it’s just fatigue too much Star Wars sand people need a break I think it’s a combination of those things but also the fact that even.
Even drawing you in like I think Rogue one had,
it was exciting because it was this prequel story of like what happened leading up to the beginning of a new hope you know the whole the first seen you ever seen in Star Wars,
introduce there was a it was a thrill there there was an excitement about. What is that story no one ever,
questioned Han Solo story before he just shows up and he is his personality or not like no one was really asking what are his Origins where did he come from why is he the way he is and even if that’s the case of like.

[4:36] That’s those things are explained easily in like one line quotes in another movie Somewhere,
we don’t need an entire movie built around him now and text a friend of mine said it’d be funny if they did like Kurt Russell in Guardians of the Galaxy they just made Harrison Ford to play his younger self although he never agreed to it but I would pay to see that version,
yeah much sooner that paper to see what’s out there now,
so that is interesting speaking of sequels and prequels and thing the school’s equals in the world of television and I feel bad because I say I’m not a fan of Game of Thrones necessarily.

[5:12] Present I love it.

[5:24] Are you excited there is a Game of Thrones prequel I don’t care,
I never liked the prequels I’ve never liked deviations of original shows,
and it’s funny I was having a conversation with a different friend about how I don’t think there are that many good spin-offs Navy know they brought a Frazier and Better Call Saul and sure any of those are great but they’re very few and far between compared to the all the other,
types of prequels and spin-offs they’ve tried to make and have failed spectacularly so,
I’m sure it’ll be fun it’ll be a nice replacement like a methadone for Game of Thrones people who are withdrawing and they want a new Game of Thrones type stuff but it won’t be the same,
it’s just the show is it that the show is coming to an end right there is planning I believe it’s the last season’s coming up is going to be 6 to 8 episodes but they’re going to be movie length,
okay so they’re like these little mini movies are not yet and that’s amazing to me they filmed multiple endings with,
the each cast member so nobody really knows what the real endings is just great at the release all of those I hope they release a choose-your-own-adventure,
yeah I just got to choose your own ending and some of them was in a Scholastic kid bouncing is a fact that.
And I guess I guess this is sort of an odd to religion a little bit but what they’re doing is saying like,
it is there like these mythical Legends and stuff in the show like people that you never ever see what they discuss or talk about like sure the great blah blah blah.

[6:58] They’re going to basic go back and show you how like that entire story was BS in sort of like like some guy kept exaggerating the story to his friend and then his friend exaggerated it to the point where like they’re these there’s a giant Beast,
fire breathing dragon the reality was like someone lit a fire in front of like an alligator sounds an awful lot like religion,
so maybe that maybe that’s a maybe that’s a,
and I was in the prequels I would be surprised if they into are them.
After Game of Thrones yeah so that seems to be their goal and it ends at 2 of them. Greenland so far almost home so one of them I think the pilot was greenlit trying to like breeze through some of this stuff some.

[7:48] Yeah I guess I guess that’s going to be coming and then. I guess I mean HBO in general I think they’re just kind of looking for like where do they go from here right there looking for successor shows they call them yeah,
speaking that I’ve actually watched Barry and its entirety finally and I love it. I take back what I said it picked right back up,
that was not what I thought it was going,
yeah it’s interesting to see Bill Hader take this kind of role in doing this and I got to see it Ides great he’s doing a fantastic job he’s not in Abyss deadpan schlocky.
Sketch actor that we normally take him for granted yeah he’s stepping into this role really well yeah,
alright so I’m going to I’m going to send an ounce right out to that like this where I’m going to throw spoilers and stuff out here because I would really like to talk about Barry it’s only 8 episodes anyway if you haven’t seen it yet,
stop right here watch the entire thing it’s it’s amazing.

[8:44] Yeah I mean what’s really interesting is a lot of people talked about how the how the show essentially rat like you could,
if this show was never ever get like it that was it it was just one season like one thing and that’s it it wrapped in a really cool way,
and then I think I know who hang just stole the show that his character was might have been my favorite of anything yeah but.

[9:09] Hey Dash it was so well-written I didn’t expect it and and I think the other thing to is I started reading a lot of scripts this is how I do read once in awhile but I said a reading,
a lot of other Alec Berg HBO stuff and he has such a.
Specific style of writing what has he been on what’s his other HBO shows like Entourage Ballers I forget there’s a few others on his resume,
Silicon Valley okay seems like it’s,
a Ballers or a Silicon Valley or an Entourage very see much see a difference so I’m surprised that Alec Berg is he that he’s one of the key writers on it,
she’s one of the Creator’s interesting but there’s a there’s a certain pacing HBO shows,
you’re so two left off at the end of the cycle of Hangar they punch you with that you know soundtrack at the end at this point but in reality it’s kind of a signature Alec Berg thing.

[10:12] Yeah Barry was kind of out of nowhere I did not expect that coming and I actually read the original script to bury,
and I will say I’m really really happy they flushed out his character because in the original script he spoke a lot more there was a lot more into his personality he was a lot more of a dick like he was a lot more of a regular.
Person and I think by the time it made it to the version of Barry you see in the show he,
is a little bit more clothes. He’s a little bit of a you know a weird social guy rightfully so and I think that works better than where they were originally started the character they said the character he’s just a guy who’s like no I want to do this anymore,
met his Handler and it was a very different show but.

[10:59] Yeah if you haven’t seen Barry just go watch it is always fun to see how they flush certain things out from the time they write the initial Pilots with the actual result is like evil Game of Thrones like they shot that pilot and,
I tested so poorly they are you shopping and tire thing everything was redone,
yeah and I will pay a lot of money to see that original Pilots I just want to see what went so wrong lot of Game of Thrones fans would they wouldn’t you know it’s not something you hate on people to go back in bad shape but there was a reason why they reached out it so I didn’t get someone it would be fun to see what they were shooting and truly interesting to because you know,
I think we’ve talked about like other shows AP Bio being one of them where did take some time to flush out,
the characters of a show and the nuances to two people at waiting for that to happen for Haiti,
can we go back in like watch the office or Parks and Rec,
I mean the first seasons of both of those shows were like what 8 episodes me at 662-8868 and then they should have found themselves,
ass and he was like a like a fool ya for The First beginning of it and then he eats her to turned into you know a giant child a man-child and Leslie Knope was more of a Michael Scott in season one make sort of Fletcher on his little bit more of a sane person you just lovable but you know,
intense yeah and then sometimes they do that through that process through actually like me to writing episodes filming them see what the character is I got to tell you I mean if you watch Perry.

[12:33] That is flushed out and it’s it’s 8 episodes or 12 episode episode 8,
it is flushed out and that character is is rounded and has depth and I think that’s what made it work so well the show as written,
goes back till like.
I think it was like 2016 instead of writing that show in like in like the summer and then one of the revisions that I actually read was down in like December 20th 2016 they only filled it last year.
So another half a year or so later they ended up flushing out his character in like pulling out you know like no don’t make him such an asshole make him some sort of like you know.
Reluctant guy in the first season 2 already right yeah but the show with the show.
Wrapped up in a way where I’m like I don’t even see how and she can come back from Little you’re going to get it that’s what happens and it gets dark and they actually they actually said it’s going to get darker in the next season 2.
Like to see that I’m on board with her now,
on to some other movie things you binged watched some stuff didn’t you away this weekend and I delve into the weird world of Netflix b-movies don’t they don’t recommend to you yes you dig around and,
one thing I found interesting there’s a lot of these sort of I don’t know what the right term is like I tied up them isolated Thrillers is there one that usually take place in one location for the entirety of the movie The Room.
Sort of like a knot. Bedroom room and took place in other places but the first portion of her and didn’t act take place in a room you’re right for the 10 Cloverfield Lane.

[14:13] Not as popular like that was a very popular movie but once I came out 20 years ago.
Right to Netflix and there’s this there’s this whole world of them and I watched about three of them then one of them in particular was actually a really good movie called Cube it was in 1997 it’s got a cast of six people and they wake up,
in what essentially this massive Cube like.

[14:38] Thing okay and if the each area in HQ there were four other cubes connected to that Cube and they were traps should be careful which room,
which next QB went into their like certain test you had either you know they had to throw their boots to find out if it was a safe room,
and they was at there was a guy who was about an escape artist there was a cop there was a doctor there was a student there was these different people and they always find out how they’re connected and how they help each other is trying to escape this certain.
Doom they find themselves in don’t look for a reason,
look for a way out yeah and they try to find a way out and you’d be surprised how well this can keep you entertained for an hour and 40 minutes of what is essentially the same room there in all the time like they only shot.
Probably three total cubes there right but the way they made this up there were like thousands of them,
and the concept was very very interesting to me it’s on Netflix it’s the same guy who did a not-so-good movie called splice with Adrien Brody or they they they find a creature and raise them raise did the alien,
he’s done some other weird things but if you have time I highly recommend checking out cube.
On Netflix the other one I saw just let you know also and and maybe this will help explain it sure is a Canadian sci-fi film he went to the Toronto International Film Fest,
that’s what I was shown in.
Best Canadian first feature film at the 97 Toronto Film Festival award enough for you award Worthy.

[16:15] It went when the movie started to you if you watch the trailer does it have those like,
Festival like like real trailer but I’m sure it does,
there’s no nobody famous in it no one I recognized but highly entertaining movie so I should go check that out the other one not as good but still pretty interesting was called I think Circle.
Okay a lot of one word Circle Cube.
Stuff like that Circle Revolver by the letter here from the air you know they’re they’re stingy this was a cast of 50 people all very different ethnicities and races and genders all wake up in a certain room and they’re all facing each other and they’re in these sort of red circles and every two minutes someone dies,
and they slowly realize that they have the power to vote,
on who dies in River gets the most votes after 2 minutes they die if they don’t vote for anybody someone random dice okay there’s a tie,
there is a tiebreaker and one of them has to choose which one dies.

[17:22] We don’t know why we don’t know what they’re doing their butt in the span of 90 minutes they had to try to figure out why they’re there who should survive.
And the roles that take is actually pretty interesting there are some certain things that come out and very much,
psychological being our first date they try and vote at the elderly people cuz they’re going to die anyway but then the stores there was a douchebag ecollege guy who came up with the idea gets voted out because he’s a douchebag okay so it was an interesting concept to see which one in the end they all die in like you’re crazy just like it like a zap zap me get,
and that out of the circle almost voted out but with death he was inspired this is according to Wikipedia it was inspired by,
the 1957 drama 12 Angry Men,
so it’s like, like 12 Angry Men shoes yeah sort of,
I’m looking at the names and you’re the only one that pops out to me is Julie bad Julie Benz the one from Dexter,
it plays a role in this this this psychological Thriller damn spoiler alert sorry,
what else you got other than 12 Angry Men but in a circle the other one I watched the last of the three in this is not a shape but it is one word is called exam,
you really are paying by the letter this one was about.

[18:55] 6 people having a six or eight people in this room trying to compete for this Ultra lucrative competitive job with this amazing company but they don’t really know much about it they know that it’s a very well see no highly sought they want everyone wants this job it pays very well and did they alluded to the sizzix world world that doesn’t have a lot of employment so this is a very you know people wanted,
get this job they get me greeted by a man called the did the narrator or The Interpreter and he says that you have to answer one question,
in 80 minutes they turn over the piece of paper that they all have,
there’s no question on it what’s the question there like three rules have to abide by they can’t ruin their piece of paper they can’t leave the room and they can’t hurt.
The narrator they can’t hurt him who’s talking about the rules and there goes trying to figure out what the question is and what the answer is.
And that it’s a lot shorter than the other ones they had exactly 80 minutes but it’s very entertaining I like the concept of these one room sort of like what the hell is happening let’s figure it out.
In a short amount of time so the question so the exam is 80 minutes yes and the movies run time is 100 + 1.
Well that means they said they have any minutes so maybe there was there’s more so I’m going to say so I’m not going to give away everything.

[20:13] You watch these one world one word One shaped movies by the way.

[20:22] One guy from the movie The Guru.
It’s a very good reference Heather Graham in it that’s about it is it a Jimmy mystery.
Yes he was in East is East Blood Diamond the guru and West is West yeah yeah and chanted yes yeah that’s the guy.
That sounds.
You’d be amazed how many these movies there are and they’re all fantastic and you should watch all day I’m always interested like.
You know it here we are like to give me a lot of conversation too.
Imma be like solo we like to know did when did get back its budget or did it not get back his budget we had a $600,000 budget.
They were talking about the exam you’re you’re you’re not not reveal exam sorry exam they’re paying by the right you’re not giving them,
75% more than they’re worth and acts is also free because it’s a it’s a rarely-used letter.

[21:23] But it has $600,000 budget which I feel like is a very attainable budget do you think it made its money back I would like to think that I would imagine Netflix see if it’s on Netflix I pay a certain amount of money to get this.
Get this movie on there and that’s what’s good about these movies is there’s really not a lot of production budget at your hand staff budget you know you aren’t expensive sets are in one room,
and the fact you can create a well-crafted story that takes place in one room is pretty impressive we did get Jimmy mystery so I guess a good year,
isolated thrillers.

[22:00] So you have a chance go check them out I think all three are on Netflix let me know what you think of them on that but.
I didn’t see it but I feel like I want to know if it’s in the it it seems like it’s sort of in this is genre of like bottle movies.
The bottle episode about a movies I called them isolated Thriller latest excuse me what was the movie.
Like a lockdown the belko experiment experiment did Cabin in the Woods.
It had some well-known stars that got your scandals in it Tony Goldwyn James Gunn’s brother isn’t it I think he plays a big role of Michael Rooker is in it.

[22:51] Guy plays the blue guy in Guardians of Galaxy is my slave in Thriller,
but at that had a little more of a budget than most.
Isolated Thrillers I’m going to I’m going to check that out.
By the way I want to just touch on this before we get out of here also an abbreviated episode if you will reboot something we talked about it briefly with you know,
TV shows that are rebooting work spin-offs and things like that.

[23:34] Actually it was one of the things that came out this week also was that NBC Executives said they would I don’t want to do these reboot,
bold-faced lie this is what they’re saying they don’t want to I’m sure but the thing is it’s Easy Pickins because,
you know you end up getting a getting a show like Will & Grace and bring it back and everyone goes crazy and Roseanne.
That one she which by the way the latest on that is it looks like I had a report I was like oh when was the last time we talked about that.
I was like I don’t think it’s going to happen they’re talking about potentially doing a spin-off of that Roseanne that didn’t didn’t look like it was going to happen now it might happen.

[24:15] Now we’re closer to that actually happening so,
I have don’t care either way whatever happened exactly.
I still think he was great at donut Community as the he wants air conditioning yes school that would be nice to bring him back call Dan Harmon and they don’t want to do these shows I mean there’s been talk about I mean everyone went crazy because,
there is an interview on Ellen where they were like oh maybe we would bring back Parks and Recreation or was it,
literally the last episode Dives like,
Jackie did to the Future and shows you every once future I was a show you shouldn’t bring back at the way the end of that show was one of the best endings that you could have for her I said, I think I ever did since bow wrapped up yeah, bring me the office back witch,
I hear. Me and you both love the office but it was last season’s are unbearable like when they when they I mean and all these other characters and it becomes watchable once you run out of options in your life just sick of looking at the other.
Episodes yeah they’re not bad I mean they are different and they take it down to take a weird turn with Jim and Pam’s relationship and they shouldn’t have done that but I mean,
did they tried to try,
is getting credit for that I’ll say I just got a lot of shit like this this shows that you kind of ideas that’s a show where they ran out of ideas yes like they were in the end it’s it’s totally it’s just such a different show.

[25:48] And I am we’ve talked on here we talked last time about the Arrested Development and bringing that back in and now it’s like this,
feels different I mean people aged in the tone is off and though I will say this I’m now rewatching season 4 with my girlfriend is never seen it before after watching season 5 and going back into season 4.

[26:06] She’s forced pretty good hit it right yeah I’m kind of back on it,
yeah so I apologize for my my tirades going against it I apologize temperature would send some purpose,
and and yeah I mean maybe sometimes it’s like already just lay it to rest like you know give us something different I will say and I’m just trying to shove a lot in here but,
I watched I binged Kimmy Schmidt we talked about that last time,
I could dive into a little bit further next week when Jen is back to us cuz Jenna is Kimmy Schmidt fan as well she’s a spitter spitter,
that show is a show that has not lost its tone really it’s it’s it’s I I didn’t realize how many seasons have gone by they split this one again like they did with the rest of development but,
and then I started going back and watching older episodes and I’m like this is very reminiscent of like,
30 Rock I think I mentioned that before totally the show is very 30 Rock ask but.

[27:08] The NHL has not lost attached all of the jokes are Snappy there’s not a lost line in there,
they put her in two different situations I went back and started watching previous Seasons again and you realize every year they Shake It Up mean originally she’s in a bunker girl and she gets a job as a nanny,
that she’s in the shake it up and she’s doing a different shopping next season the shake it up and she’s doing something completely different they’ve done that every season but they haven’t lost their Edge and they Shake It Up just enough,
where it’s it’s fresh,
but not where it lost its personality what job does she have now company as an HR person or something that they’re never really clear on it and then she makes people feel uncomfortable because she wants,
just a fire someone in,
she wants him to like her but instead like she drops her pants in front of him and rubs his back and he’s never watch Kimmy Schmidt but I have to I have to jump in on that so we talk about next week if you like 30 Rock it is the same tone is 30 Rock and I guess,
point where I was going with that is don’t bring the office back.
Just get Michael sure and the rest of the writers back in a room together and and come up with something new Bruce Lee do a lot yeah but like I mean they do it Brooklyn Nine-Nine Brooklyn Nine-Nine was it was one of his things,
you know Mindy cackling had can’t leave The Killing had The Mindy Project which she is over now right yes,
bring her back in in like to do a show with her and write happy writers and not actors on it and set up the new.

[28:40] Version of the office there’s a pilot actually make sure it’s got I think it said NBC with the girl Natalie was her name the one who wants up with Tom at the end of parks and rec.

[28:50] Yes yay with her that that make sure crave that that got to see yeah more like that I could get it where.

[29:04] Music.

[29:10] Do you know where are we going to watch the office on Netflix as long as they have that the day that goes off is it a lot of Xanax prescriptions getting huge and we go back to using that instead.

[29:23] What you know the good place is on NBC too and that’s a Michael sure thing and it takes some time to get into it and they’re all going to be different but yeah I think I’m more for like.
Giving these producers and writers some more Runway and letting them do something new and stop trying to reach metal things.

[29:44] Music.

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