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Tommy and Maxwell recap the cancelled and renewed TV shows, including the 30-hour cancellation of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Plus, looking ahead at Solo and other movies that found last minute replacements.


[0:00] Today on this week in pop or going to talk about stuff that got cancelled owns very depressing but Star Wars making money.

[0:07] Yeah that’s happening at solo that’s a movie that’s coming out in the near future replacement yes people who will replace because they’re terrible or no live anymore.

[0:17] Music.

[0:26] This week and I keep forgetting that I’m supposed to drop my last name I’m just tell me it’s fine it’s just,
leaving where it is that’s true Jenna you didn’t say anything though,
that’s two demerits on her and I know it’s drugs.

[0:51] It was funny we were on last week but apparently we didn’t talk anything about TV cancellations what it might be the perfect yes I was doing,

Tv Cancellations And Renewals

[1:05] before you walked in here this so last week to get you up to speed last week was the week that it was a TV upfront,
which means nothing to us but what it actually is is it Swindle the TV networks get together they have big giant parties they talk about all the,
TV shows that they’re going to their fall schedule make the money move it’s essentially a big party to show off here are the things you should pay us.
To put your ads on,
in the fall because we have the best TV shows as they do no one does they say they do at Netflix but at the same time it’s also kind of a deadline,
to cut off all this shows they’re not going to renew its when there are a lot of cancellations while renewals and probably the biggest story,
that came out of this was Brooklyn Nine-Nine yeah Wichita.
Jamal tumultuous to the word I would say so it was a rollercoaster of emotion is 30 hours they were cancelled for 30 hours officially so it’s really funny because before.

[2:06] I was on vacation I took a little vacation and listen to a podcast that’s what I do on my vacation tomorrow,
you should do it too but I was on vacation I listened back to somewhere old episodes and I actually said I was like I think AP Bio going to be cancelled.
I think the milk is going to be renewed and Brooklyn Nine-Nine is going to be renewed to I’m taking you to Vegas just to know your things you know.
Your things and I like that so first Brooklyn Nine-Nine it was it’s funny because I was like this is a shoo-in for Renewal it’s got to be renewed.
Even looking at we like the readings were in the things that matter to TV networks like it it still did pretty well yes but on the business end of things in this is where a lot of people get confused I like to watch the show on the business end of things foxes sort of trying to clear it schedule,
because it has a lot of things coming it needs to make way for its going to have the NFL Thursday night football next year and now we’ve also learned officially that after,
did the following year in 2019 they’re going to have SmackDown on or or raw what it was going to the wrestling wrestling shows that’s an entire another night of programming,
there’s a lot of dishes to try to make room on their schedule because they have a lot of things happening and so they’re trying to get rid of a lot of dead weight and reality,
they actually cleared out there almost every single live action comedy they had crazy.
Which it yeah it’s insane when I heard that Brooklyn Nine-Nine got cancelled I didn’t know it’s been awhile since I’ve seen such a reaction the online people the massive they are upset yeah.

[3:41] More so than my other favorite show the last man on earth like nobody spoke up when that got cancelled so it’s funny I had the same thought when I’m watching all the coverage cuz in one swoop,
they got rid of a few shows a few comedies very specifically they got rid of Brooklyn Nine-Nine the mick.
And last man on Earth that was that little one time and and I’m like wow every single one of those shows are things that I had on my list of like they’re going to bring you this as easy.

[4:09] And when everyone started getting up in arms about Brooklyn Nine-Nine if you like someone save it you know calling Netflix and and I’m like yeah but what about last man on Earth,
and I love that Joe at the end of none such a cliffhanger I think a lot of people know this but,
so we can kind of get through it the show is actually owned by,
NBC Ryan is Edwards in Webster snow NBC,
and it’s because Universal yeah and into the guy who produced is the same guy who did Parks and Rec any did the office,
and it was supposed to be a pilot for NBC originally.
And then they said now you know what we’re good we passes and ended up selling it to Fox it does seem like the NBC show it says yes honestly surprising yeah it’s also really good news for like,
the good place,
which I think is going to do better now it has it has a good pairing yes TV series now how many is in line with what Brooklyn Nine-Nine is so mean for this to be there yeah,
persona non fox really wasn’t surrounded by other shows that were like that and one of the things fox loves to do is move shows around I know Brooklyn Nine-Nine Originals on Sunday night 6 and then 9:30 in that works and then they move the Tuesday’s in by people they don’t really tell people when that happens in so you don’t know where there’s a long Hiatus to yes yeah,
a lot of shows do not these days cuz they don’t know there’s like these men Seasons partial season of The Walking Dead model seem to work for a little bit we’re like they were be.

[5:45] Three many seasons are too many seasons in a year maybe breaking bad even started that in a strand of like these little 8 or 10 episode mini-season spread apart and as opposed to 24 are you doing it with Miss.
Comedies is not a good move cuz comedies like,
you’re not running back to see how a plot is wrapped up like you you kind of return to a comedy every week because it’s fun and there might be a plot in their butt,
that’s not the reason you’re coming back with drum is I swear to get a little bit more but I’d I think it’s a bad move for comedies in general and last man on Earth actually did a pretty good job later in the season release this season of getting a bigger plot and we finally get a sort of big reveal and we’re never going to know what happened for a while I was excited because there was some talk of like to Netflix,
and in a few different things number one they said if it did grow platform like Netflix work just like a binge you know watching experience,
either writing can be a lot different and if you can you know make a little bit of a shift in that show and tonality wise it’s a show that can kind of benefits person like that great the problem though is that number one it’s Phil I would get their name confused Phil Lord,
Chris Miller I got the wrong the first time we talked about this when I called it Chris Miller Chris Chris Lord Phil Miller that’s not it it’s,
Phil Lord Chris Miller I will never get it right the guys who also were swapped out as the directors of.

[7:15] Solo they had time on their hands to do this but they’re on that show and it will for tip of the show is also entering I think it was this just wrapped up what third season or for yes 3rd and so.
The behind-the-scenes business-wise is you know that a lot of like.
No extra salaries get kicked up for the actors on the show Source dispensary.
Especially going into afib season a lot of like salaries get kicked up and things like that so monetarily the shows getting a lot more expensive so for Fox even I mean again they were they were getting rid of everything anyway.
But for someone like Netflix or some to swoop in and try to save it it’s it’s a pretty expensive move it also bother me because I thought maybe there might be a chance but Brooklyn Nine-Nine took the such a spying on everyone coming to get the,
the prom queen that the rat-a-tat little Maggie and the corner doesn’t have a date and I’m just going home alone,
Saudia Brooklyn Nine-Nine moves to the NBC in the fall which I didn’t actually look at the schedule I probably should have done that I’m actually curious are they going to pair next to good place but I wouldn’t be surprised if they,
yeah I mean it’s it’s worth make sure that they’re both sort of the similar sort of themes and dislikes smart goofball comedy together,
I feel terrible for the mick,
you never what do you never watched it every watch the Mick and it’s one of the shoot of you you always tell me to I love Kaitlin Olson It’s Always Sunny obviously yeah but.

[8:48] It’s funny now that the mick I cancelled but AP Bio got renewed,
I’m not sure what that means for It’s Always Sunny Kaitlin Olson was on her Instagram and I found this really funny and again it says her with her way of handling it she her and.

[9:04] Glenn Howerton Glenn Howerton thank you they were in makeup they’re filming.
The new season will be sunny right now cuz they were in makeup together and in Caitlin’s like hey you know I’m here my show got cancelled and she’s like well how about you and he’s like oh well it’s,
Grandma show got picked up on NBC and then like you’re just basically making like he’s very snide comments about fox and a fox is a terrible Network they just cancelled is really great TV shows and NBC is a place where, please conflagration,
and just so you know crapping on the fact that Caitlin show got cancelled in and Glenn show got picked up so.

[9:44] I mean if it does the part that sucks is it was a really fresh comedy.
And unfortunately it’s not something I can never see being picked up by like in BC it’s not something I can feel,
never never work anywhere else it was a very Fox comedy but unfortunately it sounds like Fox comedies or anything,
the Ross in a beautiful time or anytime I show can be picked up again so I have faith not for the mick the last man on Earth can get another life Miller when Phil Lord whatever whatever their names are the Lord Chris Miller,
that there’s a possibility that maybe they’ll do like a like you know like a small like mini movie thing that might end up on like a Netflix or something.
A lot of people there’s another show right now that a lot of people are fighting for their literally banners flying across the sky begging a network to pick it up,
I wasn’t from one of the Network’s is actually from SyFy,
the expanse it’s pronounced as of right now it looks like Amazon might pick it up,
okay which is weird but like they’re still flying Banner saying Netflix please Netflix show I’ve never heard of yeah I didn’t know it had such a massive following because again I’m a cord cutter I don’t have Syfy,
which is whatever is on and the show’s been on for a while Four Seasons I think yeah and I feel like I would have heard some buzz on it but in general.

[11:16] Unless it’s a show that you can do you can easily find a like Netflix or Hulu like it’s hard to find these things and that just makes it.
You know if you and I think that’s what makes like something like Brooklyn Nine-Nine or last man on earth a lot more accessible and a better idea to pick it up for another network is.
If you’re watching and binging Brooklyn Nine-Nine primarily on digital platforms like Hulu you don’t care what networks you’re just going on in,
searching for Brooklyn Nine-Nine ending play like it doesn’t matter so I think that’s I think that’s what makes this whole.

[11:49] You know flip-flopping from Network to network a lot better. I think the first showing member doing that in like recent not recently but like as far back as I can remember was when scrubs did that,
yes and it went to ABC and that was,
you had to like it was no Hulu at the time really you really had actually shipped your viewing which is it to another way to say I’m in the ass.
But I think nowadays it’s it’s a lot different and it’s a lot easier expanse expanse.
I think it’s expand expand expand,
is not on Hulu can watch Ya by shows on Hulu but I started Brooklyn Nine-Nine not on Fox put on who I started out and I loved it because you know,
the first episode was okay you know Andy Samberg take some time to get used to you he’s into the robot you see how they progressed to show you know over the past five or,
Ira Macy’s in Destin on for did the jokes that settle in you know that’s what makes a good sitcom his the in jokes that become Santa and nature like you just know it’s going to be happening in your sex tape but yeah exactly the call back from season one that kind of stuff is what makes a show and if you don’t give the show a chance like the mick,
yeah it really flourish and that you were talking about how AP bio on might have a chance to settle in because I am not a big fan of the first season,
most four seasons of shows aren’t that good Parks and Rec in the office were nothing like what the first season will be of each those shows were there very different if you if you go back and watch so I think AP Bio I hope it gets better and listening to I mean I mean.

[13:19] Yeah you look at the shows that are these like you know the office Parks and Rec Arrested Development these are shows that.

[13:29] Needed time to Florida State a time to I mean Arrested Development another fox show that they can’t do that,
it’s really funny not a lot of shows get as much runway as like a rested did and they had a full what 22 episode 4 season,
and then 18 second and then I want to say 13 and,
like you know Parks and Rec head like what 12 episodes in the first first season at 6 when you got back in the second season they retooled in there like all right let’s see Noah just a little bit I’ll give NBC a little credit there and saying that I sure like 80 by we’re like everyone like this but we’re not loving it right now,
rather than just scrap the whole thing they’ll say okay will give you a second season you know it give it some time to grow and learn from itself and become something.

[14:26] Side note though I’ll mention two is going back and watching Arrested there’s a lot of shows the office and Parks and Rec and even Brooklyn Nine-Nine where,
I’ll go back and I’ll skip the first couple episodes because they’re just not strong and they’re just kind of like not with the show became arrested was arrested out of the game to get go.
Yes and it’s so amazing it’s hard to do for a Chevy they knew what they were,
I had a time I mean maybe a little bit darker in season one but I did they were still you know the very mean family yeah and still my favorite Siri of it all is that Michael Booth is the worst character of the mall yeah.
Tell me a serious I’m like what it is what it is just I love that the only thing I noticed that really changed with that show was just.

[15:09] The voice over of Ron Howard.
What do you mean he is his tone just changes over the course of the series where becomes a lot more a little bit more Whimsical in the beginning it’s almost like a matter of fact yeah Steve directions to Adrian’s Sprite,
a lot of other shows like anything else that you were watching that got cancelled before I get it.
take a look at this list here it’s funny there was one that I I was reading about and I didn’t even know they were bringing you back cuz I kind of forgot about it was called trial and error,
it was it was a mockumentary on NBC about this or like I’m making a murderer type thing with John Lithgow.
And Kristin Chenoweth and Jayma Mays from I think she was in.

[15:49] Cabin in the Woods 12 episode little thing it was a mid-season entry and then I’m going to hear about it for a long time and now I am hearing that it’s coming back and I’m excited for that because I enjoyed that show yeah I’ll trial and error if you haven’t checked it out,
you shouldn’t and it is it’s it’s coming back I believe it’s going to get a mid-season sore like it’ll be better in June but not your January sorry got you,
I will mention this to the as of right now the only show.
That has yet to actually get like an official you’ve been canceled you’ve been renewed.
Out of all the shows is one we talked about here which is ghosted.

[16:27] Which is weird that it still hasn’t gotten an answer and I don’t know why the only thing I can come up with is in looking at the ratings from the season so now the official TV season has ended yes,
it was actually pretty high on the list of the amount of viewers it brought in on network Craig Robinson Adam Scott Supernatural ghost hunters you know two guys from.

[16:55] But yeah I mean that show didn’t strike me as a show that was coming back no and nothing is true I mean jokes about it here about how I took a picture then tweeted it also.
It’s there still a banner in a window across the street.
At Fox like ghosted coming soon like ghosted on this fall on on Fox and I’m like it’s kind of funny like take it out of the window guys like it’s the show it was pulled from the from the you know schedule.
But you know officially the show has yet to be renewed or cancelled I don’t know why I don’t know the story behind that,
what kind of sucks like aren’t Adam Scott and Craig Robinson kind of Hell to the show until it gets canceled a camping out do other things until they get a yes-or-no so,
and I guess if this is actually come up to because,
there’s a show being picked up on ABC starring Lauren Lauren Conrad Lauren Conrad the girl from Walking Dead Lori got right it’s from the Hills Fighters going to say hi thinking of it is a Lauren though Lauren Cohan,
is a c word.
Yeah but so she was like fighting and battling for a higher pay on The Walking Dead because season to season a lot of these,
it depends because season-to-season sometimes there are the actors are in contract sometimes they’re not a great example is there was that really short-lived show on ABC.

[18:22] That did really well.
Oh man keeps short-lived if you didn’t do well it did it was it became like a cult classic shows kind of like friends but on ABC and like the early happy endings the guy from Happy Endings was on that showing in film The Pilot for.
New girl am I thinking of one of the Wayan brothers yeah yes and and then he was like yeah what he did the pilot and they were like shrimp and happy endings is no way that she was getting picked up again,
and then I got picked up and then they were like well crap now they Blake took his character off the show,
and then Nikki that you’re one more season and they cancelled it and kind of I guess came back to New Girls at times or around the season for I think so.
Sometimes it helps a contract like that sometimes they’re not it kind of depends it’s there’s no like official you know it but yeah I mean they might be locked into contract with that show and we had a show on ABC that cheap.
Couldn’t do because she was doing Walking Dead with that is she was fighting with.
The pretty of AMC of the makers of The Walking Dead asking for more money,
her character is been killing everyone else off she’s fighting for more money they won’t give her more money even her co-stars like give her more money and she’s like looking you guys like me any more money I’m just going to go and do my own thing like you know I want to do more.
And they kept stringing her along without a contract finally she just went and filled another pilot you got picked up any kind of forced you know AMC’s handle I will now you lost me.

[19:56] So I think they they they’re letting her film some abbreviated episodes in in the next season of Walking Dead But essentially kids I mean,
because of AMC not paying her they were essentially made it so that she’s probably to be killed and she’s she’s leaving a sinking ships I’m happy she’s gone I can’t stand that show anymore so yeah,
but so she’s playing again I got weird it’s one of those procedural show is where it’s like her and.
Guy’s name you always do without fail spinner A lot of shows to he’s at face.
Anyway also another show on CBS I never watch a show and Breeze through these are like really quickly but scorpion was cancelled on CBS.
I guess the only thing there is that the show is based on sort of a true story or a real guide or like hackers right Katharine McPhee.

[20:44] But I guess the show is also the guy who the show was sort of based on his kind of a fraud,
so so there’s that we should play sad music while you’re reading this,
Bob’s Burgers of course was renewed I’m glad to hear that goes it again it’s it’s still on the on the bubble last man on Earth was canceled but Fox is adding to their schedule.

[21:13] Last Man Standing doesn’t make it any better that’s horrible another show I got to say I was a little upset about.
Okay I was kind of upset about it was on ABC they cancelled designated Survivor you are set I did watch it,
I will preface that by saying at this point I was so just kind of like a locked in where I was like well,
I know the characters on the show yeah but they moved away from the premise of what the show started out with an ABC does it a little bit too I think I mean I don’t watch a lot of these long dramas on ABC but.

[21:52] Play getting away with murder By it’s the first season was about that and they’re just like now they’re just lawyers have it so easy to do that.

[22:01] At some point down the road the tunnel the show makes no sense right because she’s Kiefer Sutherland yeah it’s essentially became a cheap man’s West Wing okay at some point but I was,
I think the problem with a show like that is they portrayed keither Sutherland as a very level-headed middle of the ground president,
and we’re kind of in this weird political world right now where it’s very divided and everyone’s on one side or the other and it’s not of it’s none of her stable climate so.

[22:33] Watching it wasn’t like a Escape it was more of a man I wish I wish things were that level-headed in the real world right now it’s there,
I mean I would have watched it had I known I just saw a randomly when I’m on a odyssey trip of IMDb has one does four hours field from West Wing is in Destiny 2 survivor.

[22:52] Does he play was CJ’s love interest in West in Westmont use the Prescott.
And I love that he is in designated Survivor I might watch now that I know he’s in it.
I mean I don’t know how they ended either cuz I think the I think the the finale already happened I just haven’t gotten around to it if you know what shows canceled in your a few episodes behind do you end up.
Nu Finish.
Yeah I depends I mean it would be nice if there was some closure with it after a lot of these shows don’t get closer cuz they don’t know when they’re getting cancelled Netflix or HBO is usually if they have an end date and rabbit,
but shows like designated Survivor or last man on Earth don’t get such a luxury and you left with the Cliffhanger or an ending that makes no sense it hurts a lot,
which is what I was going to say hear the night shift ever heard of that show no it was over on NBC.
By you just happy that your other the CW.
The Originals was cancelled we have to even go to CW now you’re going to say about that I think maybe it was even the originals but there was a show they were like it was or maybe was another show on Syfy.
That was like one like the last the first Marvel show is too sore to get canceled in humans in human that’s what I was thinking of okay so I have no idea what,
like a game show to me it’s like you give me like mild Clues to something I’m like what is this be a spin-off of this show we should just do that you just named ancillary facts about something that.

[24:29] We’ll do what we do and will do a game show is she like a horrible hundred-thousand-dollar pyramid.
Network not level its network but it’s not like a TV showing that,
sugar Sands but daytime television they also just cancelled the chew on being under investigation for sexual sexual assault and lots of things so.

[24:54] Unfortunately you have to watch TV shows in the morning that don’t involve cooking now we can watch the talk.

[24:59] The bite I want to eat Price is Right is there the bike I feel like that’s a show that my tagger are there is the bike to sure there is they have the view and they have the,
The Talk The Talk so glad I don’t watch daytime television like that.

[25:20] Jenna Maxwell how about the movies,

Solo Drama

[25:26] how are those doing the movie Biz they only have one and they don’t get canceled did you get replace though that’s happened this weekend with us solo,
did I love this to this word tumultuous tumultuous that’s where it is after all this clatter about our boys Phil Lord Chris Miller getting a house it as director and Ron Howard apparently filming,
over 75% of the movie again,
which is crazy because you told me the main reason or at least we we read that the main reason the Millers were kicked out is because they kept giving,
got workers overtime zika overstaying their their shoots yet,
Kathleen Kennedy comes in and says you know what happened to that boy we are going to stay an extra 4 months and reshoot the whole goddamn thing so I I don’t really think that’s the real reason I think that,
does Star Wars people have a way of doing things in the Millers wanted to try something different but to do that on a 200 million budget movie,
is it really going to work out sometimes yeah variety had a great article that I highly recommend in fact I don’t know how you listen to this podcast but I will post it somewhere for you guys to say but,
yeah I mean in the article there’s a few different things everyone there some Anonymous sources that worked on the film you know,
that were like I hears basic it would happen when when they were there inside man yeah that info but Miller Lord.
Guys should the Millers but it’s just called The Millers the duo the directing Duo the moored the board.

[26:56] They like to just kind of let the cast.
Improvise a ninja man jump street if you seen their movies and some Community I think they even direct an episode of Arrested Development that he like improv so they were laying the cast do that a lot but there was making the shoe days run pretty long,
and at some point you know the way the movie business works is one of their people that work for them and cast it keep going back to Kathleen Kennedy,
say hey we could bring over time can we have more money please and eventually according to the report is they went back one too many times where they turn to where she turned around and said that’s it I’ve had enough of this and then they they cancel it the problem.

[27:39] Was and this is what is so kind of shocking about the whole thing,
is that they had a whole tone the way they were shooting the film everything from the visual style to the coloring to everything and when Ron Howard came in he worked with them and decided to.
Change everything and the only thing I’ve heard so far and they’re in the reviews are starting to come in and they’re kind of but.
The way Miller and Lord were doing things were very scattered all over the place and in the concept that I had heard was that it was,
based on the fact that it’s Han Solo and he’s a rebel and he’s a recluse and he kind of just does what he wants to do and they were filming the movie in that sort of style everything like the way.

[28:26] Tone shift kept happening throughout the film were following his personality where there was a lot less structure because it was,
based on Han Solo and the higher-ups didn’t like that so when they brought Ron Howard in there was a lot more structure there was a lot more specificity,
and I think we’re the good examples was they had a build a set piece.
For something that happened and the set that they built for Ron Howard was like a fraction of the size of the set that was built.
For the original directors because shop is saying things because essentially they were just like running around they wanted to have the room to say turn the camera this way or do this instead and where is Ron Howard was like nowhere to go there when I shoot this is the line you say the line and we do this and that’s it,
what’s the benefit of having a director has been around for so long and I’m sure has worked on on shoestring budget as opposed to these big ones that Star Wars gets here I’m not sure if he was on a budget,
you know when you spend 6 billion dollars to buy a franchise there’s there’s money to spare and even if this movie doesn’t do as well as,
they wanted to do and I probably won’t in terms of how much they spent on marketing and Productions probably easily over 400 million will be okay,
is there will be 20 more if he’s no matter what we do it matter if you go you don’t go we’re going to get more I think the thing that makes me nervous about this is and it’s the last thing I leave off on solo so much,
when everytime we talk about it it’s about how little interest we have Instinct but.

[30:01] I think the thing that that’s frustrating for me is you know okay when.
The force awakens came out we went to go see it because it’s a new Star Wars story when the Last Jedi came out to go to see it because you want to see where the story goes when Rogue one came out,
you want to go see it because it was an interesting take on the story in the backstory to how the original movie and you hope even set up.

[30:25] I don’t know why I want to go see this other than he said source,
what’s the purpose or is you know what do you know the fate of almost all these characters you’re going because it’s Star Wars and I have people who love Star Wars will go see anything that has Star Wars on top this is not called solo it’s Star Wars,
solo a Star Wars movie or Star Wars story or some like that.

[30:55] It’s me at some point when is it just become.
Like an amusement park ride because I know they can she was like sure it’s next week,
not when it does actually I’m saying at one point is a movie Just serving as a ride because you know like the move like.
I didn’t eat cheese somewhere like they’re going to do the Kessel Run like the whole thing and it’s like give it away do I need to see that.
Do I need to actually like see the Kessel Run like I don’t need to see that they can now sell that,
McBride they can sell young Han Solo action figures they can sell the pillows and the did the sheets in the costumes that’s why they’re making this movie by the way I don’t know if you actually know the answer but.
I so knew that there was going to be Lando movie than that was not true and maybe not or what’s the story there I’m sure there were discussions about it but given the popularity of Donald Glover right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if they say they’d be.

[31:53] Did one yeah I mean,
especially with the whole idea of him being a pansexual character which is new for Star Wars yeah and Donald Glover coming on and start defending that are encouraging that characterization of him because he’s right here in space not just men and women as long as he’s out there and he wants to.
Jamal Lewis and I would love to see that I think it’ll be a great thing I think you can add a little more comedic element to that.
Sort of thing says she giving out talented Donald Glover is yeah I’d love to see that I’m not a big Star Wars fan but I still don’t see that I’m waiting to see the Bubba Fett,
stand-alone that Josh trank is supposed to do a hold right guy who did Chronicle and horrible Fantastic Four movie but yeah and you know.
Thanks so much for this weekend like nothing is coming out they just threw the road just so low it’s called solo a Star Wars story,
maybe I’ll set you up for this hey Maxwell’s,
you know these directors were kicked off the project and a new director was brought in I know that something similar kind of happened in Rogue one right next to Star Wars has like a bad track record of that sort of thing happening,

Replaced In Movies

[33:01] any other movies that that’s happened with. The manger set off the money is it at now we have some time to do a couple of examples not there were some actors that had some last-minute changes,
but there was a different bad guy in Solo for months.

[33:29] Every shoots so Paul Bettany who actually was with Ron Howard on A Beautiful Mind Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly has stepped in to fill in for bad guy ax700 Askew thinkers,
every chance in the world that will get.
The different kind of solo down the road. It because I doubt it was complete I doubt the version that that more did,
never got finished so you’ll never really see that maybe a bonus scene in the DVD or won’t even when they release at the Richard Donner cut of Superman 2 yeah but eventually somewhere I don’t know,
whatever the new blu-ray is.
Green a red tray nice okay there are some actors who have been replaced like last minute on some high-profile movies on TV tubes and we have to go soon Shrek.

[34:20] Really favorite green monster I know this one is my thing I want to get.

[34:29] Okay I’m pretty sure.

[34:31] Yeah who knows no name James Farley yes yes I knew that he was supposed to be the character of Shrek unfortunately this is not sort of you know he wasn’t a deal or anything you know she passed away during the production of this and Mike Myers field in is a roll,
and it would be a very lucrative thing for Mike Myers who has made,
millions and millions of dollars winning for Shrek’s have been out now Matthew 3 in a spin-off,
but he had back in deals he had merchandising he was in charge of it said it would have been nice I don’t know if it’s ever been released of,
I gave you the audio yeah I’m sure he’s done some reads Chris Farley as Shrek and I don’t know if they’ve been released to be interesting to see his interpretation of it because I’m sure it wasn’t that Scottish hybrid accident that Mike Myers did that’s true I didn’t think about that she was much more manic.
Voice for Shrek but I would have been curious to see what that was and then the second one before I wrap this very short segment X-Men,
how everyone’s lovable Wolverine really who Jackman was not originally supposed to be Wolverine supposed to be dugery Scott,
everyone’s favorite bee man was in movies you don’t know he’s probably best known for being in Men In Black 2,
and I’m in a Black 2 Story Mission Impossible 2 he was the bad guy in Mission Impossible he was almost Logan.
And then you don’t things didn’t work out and I can also Russell Crowe was music talks for it but that would never work.

[36:09] Who’s the other Goose guy in phone booth and Colin Farrell Colin Farrell I feel like he.
Is it should have been like in that like honestly I think she would have been pretty good Wolverine Hugh Jackman should be wins wins it all.
I’ll give you Jackman credit for sticking in there as long as he did,
yeah I mean he was virtually unknown at the time I think he did a lot of theater in Australia where he was from and I think his wife’s were to convince him to take the role and I think it’s all better than he did one more time on something.
I’ll give you one more early cuz palate cleanser American Psycho Christian Bale,
was supposed to be stronger than any actor in this kind of role in a kind of would have been a knock out any Christian Bale did a good job,
I don’t think it was that hard to do that kind of role no but I will say this I mean even the even his like way he enunciated and everything was pretty specific.
And if you read the books the like it’s not like that was in there about how we like enunciated and stuff so I think the take on the characters pretty unique and also add to that,
you know he’s not American either so his American accent in like the over enunciations that he does is all pretty specific to that character,
were there a slow people or just one person, but the main one who was attached when the budget was a little bigger was Leonardo DiCaprio.
This is Wolf of Wall Street this is back when he was big and then didn’t get as much as they thought it would so Christian Bale swelling new.

[37:44] Ishq Norland DiCaprio the time took less money and catapulted his career.
How’s the Grammy that’s still one of the ugly performance like I just Christian Bale is one of those guys that I’ll give him a few no credit for,
and I bet you he goes all in between The Machinist there was a great what he did with Werner Herzog called Rescue Dawn which a lot of love but,
in terms of him scaling down he was a stick that movie and actually Steve Zahn did a good role in that too as well.

[38:13] Going back to several segments earlier that Steve zahn’s TV show Crossing Lines cancelled.

[38:21] Next the border wall like people from the future can illegal immigrants but are they legal if they have a few guys that I want to see succeed.

[38:33] Weather in movies or TV and seasons one of those guys were it’s like you just wanted to see if it’s something I’m glad that he’s he’s always getting work but he deserves his do I mean he was in he’s been in,
between there’s one called safe men’s you haven’t seen is a great movie Paul Giamatti and Sam Rockwell before they were famous they were that thing you do happy texts isn’t it great,
great great movies watch that if you have that dark Hindi comedy came out but one of the Sundance starlings of the late nineties,
cray cray movie what else is he in this great oh my God was Steve Zahn he was on I don’t know.

[39:12] I just gave you a bunch I will check them out if they’re all good.

[39:15] Love you sis on your typical and I like when they cross over like this is Steve Zahn you’re so used to seeing him in comedies and he seem play this kind of serious role.

[39:25] He did well but I will watch the pilot and it was it was well done they try to do that.

[39:31] Los testing where they give you like a really long pilot and the show was coming.
The most interesting part about the show is watching Steve Zahn try to be like the small-town sheriff guy,
who is like we should be coming this very cliche troll I can read every new like Netflix show whatever has that a small town Small Town Car,
get out of here to next week and next week I not before the next episode of this but Arrested Development coming May 29th.
Give me the day after Kimmy Schmidt his back.
Do not sure how I feel about it I didn’t know that was happening yeah next week back at it or not promoting that at all I think you’re so focused on arrested.
Yeah but lots of comedies coming about.
Maybe Jenna Wolfe make an appearance maybe we’ll see,
and anything else you looking forward to before you out of here I mean it’s all that sell it right now so we’re going to go bite the bullet and go see it and tell us what the forward to that we have to do it if we don’t see it.

[40:37] True,
just like make it up I can still go yeah they like the scene with Chewy there it is in the Kessel Run did it just literally no movies coming out this it’s Star Wars this weekend I’m doing have a choice.

[40:49] All right I’ll do it sweet night social media at this weekend pop all over the place tell your friends life.

[40:57] Music.

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