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This week the gang chats about A.P. Bio being renewed, watching the Arrested Development remix of Season 4, Bill & Ted announce their sequel, MoviePass is falling apart, and more! Tommy, Genna, and Maxwell recap this week in pop culture.


[0:00] Turn on this weekend top TV shows got renewed and we don’t even know why I really don’t know why I hate people,
generous favorite superhero is Deadpool just kidding not funny and funny.

[0:18] Music.

[0:28] Last text we’re so good at that you’ve got so fantastic at that.
Vanessa yes lots to talk about lunch I can’t hear myself can you hear me.
You sound great I’m just imagining people listening on their phone their iPhone just be like yeah yeah yeah,

Ap Bio Renewed

[0:53] do you got some some words to eat whatever the word or phrase is last episode. The phrase you got some some things to retract on cuz we oh no it’s not about some AP Bio hey-o freshly announced season 2,
wow which is shocking I did not expect that here’s the thing.
As of this taping of this episode 80 bio is definitely renewed there’s a few others that haven’t been yet but I.

[1:24] I expected that to be like I almost expected the other news to come first for some of their shows and I’ve been talking about and then this came really early and I was like wow that’s okay surprising some of the shows that I cared about,
all that I want to see renewed it just gives me hope for AP Bio because now they actually have time to flush out what it should be because any show the first season always,
kind of sucks again look at you cook the office looks look at parks and rec I like them but they’re not the same as the rest of the show to become what it’s supposed to be.

[1:57] I was thinking about that about that happened tried it’s on the cable and I don’t have cable,
it’s with an E Television,
the investment is I didn’t realize how much I got a new that they put up the episodes early on Hulu before they broadcasting them on NBC is it true they did every week,
like the first four episodes before they broadcast the first episode on TV which I thought was a bad sign,
cuz years ago that was sort of a bad song and burn them off on digital on the internet and now it’s actually a sort of a sign of people invest in the show,
they also put it up right after the Olympics on NBC,
okay which I didn’t realize and that was so a prime spot of like leading in from on a curling whatever they did which was saying about like Parks and Rec,
and I and I think my second reaction after Aftershock was okay now.
We’re going to watch the show grow cuz I guess I never really think about it but yeah yeah we eat,
every show once they have some legs and some run away to needs time come and find themselves now they’re going to,
have some money to do that I think that’s the beauty of HBO and that a lot of the first seasons of HBO are,
because they know pretty much off the bat they’re going to get a second season to the foxes and the NBC’s they’re not confident and they you scramble and the show doesn’t have the potential that should.

[3:37] Las Vegas season 2 which 8 people got soul,
hopefully things work out for Glenn and patton what are you I know and and Jenna unfortunately haven’t seen this you have no idea,
A naturalistic is free street for you since you’re the you’re the real driving force behind AP bio on what do you think they got to focus more on the kids,
the kids are great more kids yeah the students like there’s a lot of things limited backstory with the students in The Sims 3 focus more on on Glenn howerton’s character and the deed the B Squad of teachers.
And I think this season or duck season have a chance to maybe go a little darker and focus more on the students because they think there’s a lot of potential there.
I think they need to reach tool I think they need a retool Glenn howerton’s character though.
And what restaurants so you’re the rest of your efforts in the belt in my mind we’ll get to that,
anything about his character at his most angry basically his character in AP Bio vindictive and vicious and wanting to get revenge in a funny way,
sometimes yeah so nothing is like you know,
and this isn’t spoiling anything every time he walked into the classroom he throws his bag and says right here when shut up shut up in a very like Dennis sentence with a way.

[5:14] And after like the second time I was like alright I like don’t try to make like I’m expecting like.

[5:22] Here in New York City to walk pass Rockefeller Center like the NBC store and see a picture of a t-shirt with him going all right shut up like on a t-shirt like they want that,
but they don’t know like I’m sure he’ll develop a little bit and that’s another point is like they’re trying to like initially he was sort of coming off crazy,
and I think we need to back off in a little bit cuz she can sustain just being crazy,
glimpses of crazy and crazy all the time it seems like they they just looked at that instead of all those of the funniest parts of Dennis and then try to make an entire character that.

[6:05] Just shallow part.
But they can succeed in that they focus more on the other characters like the kids and I love this girl up because she’s one of my favorite she plays Heather her name is Allison arm her comedic timing,
yeah it’s just it’s amazing in the eye I need to see more of her so I think I should focus more on some of the students who have talent,
they’re high school kids Junior High sanitize biotype.
Glenn Howerton Dennis was called.
And there was some episodes where they use the kids and you got to some of their back story buddy I mean I get your point it wasn’t the full.
If you didn’t it wasn’t focused on them they were sort of there to play Pawn to whatever Dennis was doing,
four seasons and episodes and I feel like the office and Parks and Rec got six to the second season is going to be 13 or original,
30-minute sitcom Stu,
I want to mention that too so I was doing my research ahead and in looking at other NBC renewals I was shocked.
Talking about that because good place only got,
14 for Nexus yes I love good please yeah like I’m wondering how many episodes AP Bio God.

[7:38] Because looking at like the good place where the only going to come back with 13 it’s just it’s just a short run does that have anything to do with the stars that are in it though and maybe like their availability for a new usually usually usually there,
you laugh at NBC shooting for maybe next season a peep out only gets 13 episodes that could be the new sitcom formula Superstore got.
22 or 23 this season I think that’s on the NBC so that’s like a.
It’s kind of funny the way it’s gone now but like Superstore is more of a mainstream comedy this point you the only thing I can think of is personally the good place or whatever,
episode the only thing I can think of is and this is sort of typical is there.
You know when the upfronts come out which is like next week and we’ll find it all the new shows in the lineups in the schedules.

[8:40] Will eventually find out like what new shows are going to.
On the servers are all that’s never going to work this step going to get cancelled early and then they’re going to have to go back to the good place in be like at 9 or like at episodes on to that so you have the guaranteed 13,
but I can always go back to the shows and be like hey we’re actually give you another 7 episode sure,
and eventually get it to 22 for the season for that can also be a problem for the writers were trying to write out the season for Thursday.
Nine more yeah so and that’s adding to his I mean my only disappointment that was.

[9:11] If you have a show like AP Bio that you’re trying to build up or a show like good place that has traction like the show is getting good response.
Give it a good Runway like give it a good 22 to like Let It play out like you know let people get invested in it and now so the time for that but I don’t know.

[9:27] I’m not an NBC executive you could be.
Lethal Weapon on Fox no no no I haven’t because the guy so it’s it’s sort of the Briggs in Murtaugh murtagh.
Which one’s not Damon Wayans that murtagh or Rick not knowing characters,
well the other guy who apparently got fired from the show thanks for the show I think is getting renewed but.

[10:15] They are like I will just get a new guy to be there,
that guy told the Timbre of cheese sorry yeah oh so I guess before we leave TV.

Arrested Development Remix

[10:26] Arrested Development so everything.

[10:36] I watched the whole remix Jesus fast.
0 dog dropping the ball I’m on 6th I’m taking my time I don’t want to digest at all cuz it started last time piano guys I’m very busy,
I got you but I was the mistake I made the first season 4 as I got watched all of them I wait until 3 a.m. because that’s when it came out it was midnight Pacific Standard 3 a.m. eastern and I was just disappointed so now,
taking my time.
The fine wine or cheese I’m just a cheese that’s not it,
what are your thoughts so far I feel like if I say anything else I’m to spoil things but,
I love it I think it’s raining it’s raining it’s a much better the format of 22 minutes compared to 30 which is do you know how much they knocked down there they created,
additional episodes maybe you even more you know what’s funny is I mean I watch the whole thing and it’s not,
it doesn’t feel there’s definitely not as much new added content I do it but it kind of feels like it and and I think there’s a lot more like on the next Arrested Development in things that punch better.
The joke slam better I actually found myself laughing at stuff that I already ate that ever happened like you end up laughing back of the show like you know what the joke is it’s so fun at Stetson University Bellingham more times you watch it and this is it opens up some more jokes that you don’t.

[12:10] I guess you forget about me in a certain way I just love that and I forgot that in the initial episodes I like that they’re editing it now where the families more together as it goes to apart,
you know each episode in The Originals season 4 was focus on a certain character is that,
didn’t allow the blues to be who they are as much as they all hate each other their family and they work best as a family and that’s what the Fatal faithful consequences is what they’re going to sleep in for work,
that’s it it’s it’s men,
to be bet it’s better than what it was and I give mature with a lot of credit because not a lot of people get the opportunity to retool the show that’s already been made in Texas causing an issue with the the cast They want to get paid more so really they feel like they’ve done,
additional episodes and haven’t gotten paid for it I put the amount came out for what they were getting paid for I think it was like a hundred thousand for it,
individual episodes that you were the star of it if you were like a minor character and 10000 if you were barely in it but now,
these fresh crop of episodes they feel they’re entitled to more money whereas Netflix feels like they already paid them for this content they can do whatever they want with it,
be kind of already it’s nothing new it’s no new material found in material but they feel because they initially were getting paid for a certain episodes and now it’s the larger amount that they feel they’re entitled to more money more money,
I think I think it’s funny about that too I mean it kind of brings up the topic of it you know how do you.

[13:43] How do you properly lay out and just get into the weeds of business and stuff but like hat is this song,
how do you properly if you were like Netflix how do you set up that structure I would like to pay you that house sitting on 50 billion dollars I think they’re going to be saying like,
how do you if if the FBI actually coming back and saying hey you said you pay his per episode and now you redid everything and now it’s more episodes and I,
like you already did the work like nothing but like it’s only to get residuals like you wouldn’t want your typical TV show that’s like on television,
this seems like an argument the actors are not going to win yeah they’re going to get something,
in the nucleus of the day if there’s any more seasons at this is going to go well they want to do a season 6 I’m sure people want it was mediocre like judging by the trailer that came out for season 5 it looks amazing and they’re going to get paid more eventually so Netflix or just include that in the next contract and everyone should move on problem solved,
any more confusing is that it took so long for us to get to season 5,
43 maybe I mean that’s a lot a lot of shows are like that now though it’s like you got to wait some time will match your mind to be reminded me that.

[15:03] This was one there to TV ad shows that Netflix is like we’re going to get into this new.
Television business where to make your own content if you like what you’re a crazy house of cards and Arrested Development and now look at us like.
I was looking on I was mad at her specials,
and you love them I didn’t say that I said watch them,
but yeah I mean like that I’ll give you think about where our mine sets are like it was like a brand new world when the first season came out and now look at us like now it’s like why I get more seasons quicker that’s where we are.
Sienna I’m looking forward to the only thing I would say is and it’s I don’t know it’s not really ruining anything but the way it was retooled definitely sets up,
the fifth season in a much clearer picture like with Lindsay on like giving like.
Bayside taking loves place at the ant like the last episodes like he disappear we need someone to give a speech.

[16:10] Definitely said so she’s a guy like this feeling of being up here like all that stuff was in the original 4th season but now it kind of spotlights a little better to say Lindsay likes this feeling of looking like a politician and then from the trailer.

[16:24] Call Cam I saw you. I love it.
I’m excited I’m also excited for all I care in New York City and wait like there’s like no stair cars driving around I showed me something on the walls that is wallpaper,
building that is literally like redone with like their pictures on it and everything so they’re doing a lot of like gorillas campaigning in fact the last time when they released the show there was an ice age,
you have an attitude I did mr. manager.
Yes we just say manager now and then also just really quickly just I just mentioned Netflix news actually talked about it but I also.

Netflix Originals

[17:05] Ricky Gervais,
was given a green light green light or a show that basically just letting him ramble about his religious beliefs but he’s been preaching this on all of his.
All of this show is all of his kids,
ghost town and yeah there was one light goes down it was good but if you know he’s very preachy with what he has is the.
The correct correct religion Netflix thingy all of its kind of knew the one he did with Eric.
Please see the Hulk what’s his name Eric Bana Eric Bana,
it was at where they like they’re supposed to go to another country and like being a news crew and they never actually left the country show or movie was a movie that’s why there’s so many things I just don’t realize I’ve never once seen that on my browser,
yeah what you might like I never seen it,
I guess I was thinking like what I was saying before like I was scrolling through the day passed all the John Mulaney stuff.
Everything’s like Netflix original Netflix searching like I don’t even heard of this like are they doing promotion are they doing marking like there’s any other thing to is to your point when I do see like a trailer for something like they just released a bunch of trailers for new things that they have coming and I’m like,
are you agree but it’s just the movie is a show that I don’t know when they’re never clear about it just says you know streaming on this date right and it’s okay.

[18:37] Confessing an hour or whenever she asked this is what’s popular this is what’s new if you look at it it’s almost.
The same thing up and Below on the same rows and it,
and just a lingerie tinder algorithm for deciding what you might like is a little frustrated yeah there’s a lot more Netflix had they don’t necessarily highlight and they they design it that way they want you to watch the shows that they feel,
warrant the most exposure so there’s got to be a reason why the Ricky Gervais smoothie is no longer anywhere there without having a search specifically for,
are the engineers from PornHub.
Other movie news Channel television news about Netflix movie news I understand you are very excited about some new announcement,

Bill & Ted Return

[19:39] I am very excited I’m saying this because we talked before he came into the studio to record this.
Are you guys ready are you ready I’ve been ready and Ted 3 it’s official it’s happening,
I mean that the only concern I have which by the way I heard they got who’s the guy.
Oh man I’m very bad names.
Yeah this is going to bother me 3.

[20:17] Face the music or something along those Ted are going to be with their daughters it’s a horrible type of that someone from the future comes and tells them that they are song.
Will save the world already did.

[20:33] Just going to do it I can always say no more wait what was I remember what year.
When they went into the future in the original Bill and Ted what was the year.

[20:47] This is trivia questions when I go in the future.
In the winter in the future year is that 2000,
hopelessly reaching for the keyboard in the studio when I was William Sadler and I know Maddie bothers me I don’t know he was in Shawshank Redemption,
Terrebonne at the movies.

[21:31] 67 Ted and death.
Settings app which by the way I know it does does part two gets get a lot of flack like do people like,
know if you will hate it I love it I love it I feel like I am in the car there’s that one scene where,
yes yes yes nightmares that she’s always in my hair,
I don’t get why because it was meant to be that start as far as yeah.
Wow there’s something about that seed.

[22:33] No but they’re going to have I heard they’re going to have it it’s basically going to be the first movie.

[22:38] Handing it off yeah and they’re going to meet different characters you know from history and you know all that fun stuff is Paul feig directing it,
you know it’s the and apparently I didn’t realize it’s the same guy who did Galaxy Quest right.

[23:04] What else is he died you’re like the match that you’re like yeah director expert,
I think you need to read movies with Bruce Willis okay I do know I know he did the sequel he’s in a lot of TV he said Modern Family he’s done and answers of sex he’s in the Santa Clarita diet the Drew Barrymore turn into that show I dreamed about it.
he’s done. And I was in line for it but then Alan Rickman passed away and a lot of thought,
damn you can’t replace him he died now I’m sad sorry.
I got I got to meet him before he died and that was that is a stamp on my on my list of things that I’m very happy.
he was very shy when I met him to just killing me is very humbling.
I was just I want to meet Gary Oldman to and I feel like you’re like the almost like the same person well Bill and Ted will be a movie I would watch,


[24:19] MoviePass if it exists that I’m still in Ted prostitutes in doing coke in the bathroom things number one so.

[24:44] I was one of the very average people,
when they cut off I mean I think I mentioned this already on a previous episode but they cut off your ability to watch the same movie twice so very sore like The Avengers you can’t go back and see the Avengers again,
that’s it you got your Avengers Quotev friend ever and then they also for a little while,
only had a plan going the only can we see the four movies a month that they pulled that what they’re doing is every time they announce something they just retract it two weeks later,
they offered like this 3 movies a month plus 3 months of iHeartRadio cuz that’s what people go see movies what they want,
subscription this podcast is on iHeart iHeartRadio app maybe a bill of Muncie have a retracted the ability to see the same movie more than once.
Which sucks because I feel like that’s more important than other things but their whole argument is like well,
there’s like some guy hanging from the theater go yeah you want to see some Avengers and then like to use against MoviePass and like selling tickets on the side but my favorite thing is you have to take a picture of your ticket stub so.
Yes so so let’s say you want to see it’s today whatever day it is let’s say it’s Tuesday and you want to see vendors would you have to see it today they’re trying to prevent you from seeing Avengers,
on SE Friday.

[26:04] When you’re going to buy your ticket on Tuesday so it’s like you make trick MoviePass in the pathway saying or buy a ticket today and then the money goes in your debit card but you really buy a ticket for Friday over the weekend we really want to see it,
I know you tell me why was he going to say that if I know you’ve done that,
my car didn’t matter because they don’t they don’t want you to buy tickets like during the day you’re going to buy it and then that’s what it is cuz they’re trying to f,
needs to get their shit together this is how they’re attempting to get their shit but they’re going to make you take a picture of your ticket stub on the day you buy your ticket so it’s a it’s Tuesday and you want to go see Avengers you click on your passing movie Fast and what is the Avengers on Tuesday and you go buy your ticket you have to take a picture of the stuff,
the movie pass comes in Movie Pass is outsourcing their social supervision something that you had a culture kids Amazon,
so technically the pictures are public and it’s a shocking the amount of people who don’t understand how to take a picture,
of their movie stub I want to see about 10% of people act take a picture of their MoviePass debit card.

[27:17] Another had to take a picture of the receipt that’s not the tickets. And a lot of other people who know what they’re doing either draw a dick pics or actual dick how to make take a photo of themselves and,
it’s a made there’s a whole separate dedicated to this these people post these pictures and it’s the best thing ever I love it.
What would you do if you were like what is your.

[27:52] Like what’s your middle finger trap on the boss’s desk,
I don’t know how to get there’s a movie pass competitor I guess I will take a picture of that I don’t I don’t know if there’s no but there’s no competition to MoviePass,
cozy Fun with Dick and Jane with my dick big hit.
This is this is the new policy for MoviePass and the stock it’s been tension the stocks owned by a parent company called Helios and Matheson MoviePass first announce their 995 plan,
the stock Rose is $33 up from the lake for $5 years at now now,
it’s at about $0.98 is that they have I think about 4 million dollars left,
King in like money they can spend on tickets but the CEO is like going berserk and creditors and we’re fine.
This is my logical thought for a moment before we go back to talking dick pics they come they need a daddy with a deep pocket,
I need like Google or something to Daddy,
they’re hoping it’s like to get into Data we’re going to get in till like tracking you I know that,
Google is reading my emails to like find out how to Target ads to me and stuff I think about it.

[29:29] Like waving in front of me saying you can see all the movies you want just give us all your information cuz like.
That the background thing but they’re doing it so upfront that he’s,
customers are,
you doing what to my phone to another getting there. They need to get their shit together,
like you know it’s not like Google giving email for free,
we’re going to get movie tickets for free but going to take all the data from all these different places but they just need deeper pockets and they don’t and every I think every month that goes by that I get charged for my MoviePass it’s like one more going to do this one more thing they’re trying to do as a last-ditch effort is there buying certain movies or steaks in certain movies there’s one that they bought I saw at Sundance was called American animals with Evan Peters it’s about,
sort of documentary that really real story about these kids who robbed at a college library that has he’s rare books that’s good but,
I don’t know how MoviePass is going to help that movie because.
As much as they want to sell it we can go see it anyway on MoviePass like that’s why was he advertise it on the map maybe that’s where it comes in more exposure by like you get an email from movie that say Hey you know use movie pass to go see movie X yeah that might be American animals,
I hope movie that stays forever because I’m saving I know a lot of money to the one last thing to is like the movie pass.

[31:05] Customer service is on Twitter do they have customer service,
on Twitter they’re trying to do that snarky Twitter account thing like Wendy’s and everything and it’s like,
rolling into Monday like this and then everyone just including me is flooding the back with like it yeah your company is falling apart,
speaking of things that are falling apart movies that people want in my life this weekend movies,

This Weekend In Movies

[31:38] you’re really I’ve been really looking forward to it like a like a,
laugh out loud so fake go to the theater and be like just eat some popcorn like laugh out loud like about it Joe to like,
falling down,
Melissa McCarthy movies coming out in the near future know what it is so funny you plan to say that answer with this,
life of the party and it’s coming out this weekend if you like Melissa McCarthy in certain life Shenanigans and you’re going to love this,
she goes to college to find yourself in a midlife crisis wow,
oh so it’s like it’s great it’s like back to school right yes said she gets divorced by who was her who plays her husband is going to bother me,
it’s someone from SNL she gets divorced gets divorce decides to go to college where her daughter goes and finds herself let me guess.

[32:49] She’s going to go to a frat party and get drunk.
And embarrass her daughter yeah that’s going to happen in this movie I haven’t seen this side of you guys seen the trailers or anything no yes,
imma throw some stuff out there that just off the top of my head I have not seen the trailer I just tell me yes or no if this is this guy,
I’m assuming there’s got to be like a keg stand yep okay that’s it,
if she’s going to find yourself a college I’m assuming does she look like from being the beginning and then they try to like dollar up like give her a makeover.
Does she does she like,
I have some romantic thing with like a college guy or a teacher,
I swear to God these are just like such the surface like gases I haven’t even seen the trailer is going to be for the most surface-level things of a slapstick,
a college.
Julie Bowen from Modern Family,
does she play like someone again she’s not a friend she plays like.
The mom of another college kid or like like a Dean or something or like no.

[34:20] She’s been she’s in the husband’s life bad guy,
dick yeah I got it away when she leaves Melissa McCarthy for Julie Bowen since the college trip solutely,
but like on a Tuesday after work,
careful though cuz once you use it you can’t see it again. So pay attention to all the subtleties of the humor.
Okay the only other one I know it’s coming out called breaking in with Gabrielle Union so she’s a mom and has a job.
Does she break in no but people break into her house and she defend her home and her children,
but she’s like outside of the home she has to break into her own home to save her kids from the break-in break-in,
people who broke in my house she’s going to have to break out.

[35:25] Cattle deep just after this out there yes my original thought based on the actor I was given in the title of the movie my original gas and this is his bore fits of a comedy is going to be that it was about someone who is an ex-con.
Who then has sort of like a secret to my success type situation where they start as an intern at a corporation,
and then they break into the industry cleaning things like in.
To a career breaking in,
Gabrielle Gabrielle Gabriel Gabriel Gabriel Byrne Union Yes but hopefully ever go sees is Deadpool 2 Electric Boogaloo,
I can’t wait generally I can wait forever cuz I’ll never see it why,
Deadpool sucks I’m going to bed. Just alright do we have an hour cuz I’ll tell you why I hate double 58 seconds.
Deadpool saw it I just don’t I think it’s too over-the-top and it’s like in your face it’s too much it’s like OMG get it you break the fourth wall,
you talk to the audience you cursing like chimichangas and you say outlandish things.

[36:56] But I’m just not into Deadpool I didn’t see the first one and I will not see just want to see you you don’t get to see it,
okay I can already see where you’re getting at is I get needed, and if you’re a nerd and you feel me on this because Deadpool’s there’s just hundreds hundreds of you.

[37:19] I will let you have his opinion if you go if you go see Deadpool be to the original original,
all right your dad at Comic-Con okay I’m just so they can be an asshole all right,
and go see the movie cuz I think you might like you Deadpool the poop that’s hilarious.
and if you still feel the same way I’ll stop stop by John Mulaney stand up.

[38:01] You did on rampage we’re not going to ever see rabbit Ranch why.

[38:14] Animals the gorilla from the office is in it.
Is that address on the title card like that he plays like some executive that he looks like he’s like a toddler in a suit it’s great.
Well I’ll give you this before we get out of here but I did watch John Mulaney and I get it yay finally only took me 4 years,

John Mulaney

[38:38] honest and hoping it’s okay I was just saying he’s a little much I send this to Maxwell,
via email one of his one of his bits is about JJ Better Binder.
Best butter to buy Oregon I’m giving it to him whatever but like mr. Show with Bob and David Wright,
character based on that guy in 1999.
It was never exposed to the actual JJ bitten by been bitten by whatever.

[39:21] Music.

[39:26] Track on every single episode of mr. show which was fantastic is it the best I did love you, Terry are you real to the commentary it’s literally a radio show are they start they start like.

[39:37] Overdubbing their own voices while watching the show and making fun of themselves and then League of David Cross and Bob Odenkirk and Patton Oswalt was in there somewhere and it’s a lot of guys,
Ted screen I highly recommend it but we’ll talk more about stuff like that next week.

[39:52] Music.

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[40:00] From Community Atlanta I’m trying to find my next movie pass movie,
we don’t watch MasterChef alright that’s when you have to watch that everyone’s homework your homework.
Is Deadpool Jenna Maxwell your homework and I’ll give you the DVDs sumbitch.
For you I can do that that’s still a thing and yeah,
and you better homework actually do,
I’ll give you a foreign movie that stars The Rock and has stopped generic this we can hop on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and YouTube and SoundCloud and all the things it’s this weekend.

[40:46] Music.

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