Avengers: Infinity War, Arrested Development, and TV Show Cancellations

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It’s finally here! This week, Tommy, Genna, and Maxwell talk about The Avengers: Infinity War, the news of the return of Arrested Development, TV shows that may or may not be getting cancelled, and Genna is a huge John Mulaney now.

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[0:00] Today @thisweekinpop and I’m sticking by that that’s how you open the show now Mike is going to talk about TV shows that are may be disappearing maybe not and ones that are coming back or maybe not okay we’ll talk about that too.

[0:16] Avengers is that the name of the most important Avengers.

[0:21] Music.

[0:34] Welcome to this weekend pop on Tommy West Maxwell,
yes I’m Jenna hello by the way it wasn’t until listening back and I listened a lot can I get those ratings hub,
one you listening at the time I didn’t notice until last week that you only refer to yourself as Maxwell.
So I can we run down the show it’s like Tommy West yeah,
Maxwell and Jenna and I’m the only one with like two names yeah cuz when the time comes for for taxes is it though my name is two ethnic people,
it’s been my full name.
And I don’t have a last name so works out we have a lot to get to,
Jenna is back miss you so did the ratings but it’s two guys hanging out and talking funny podcast,
you do the other two guys hanging out talking about stuff about jaybo’s know I will tell you when this is it’s really funny cuz when we describe the new listeners,
but there are no there are a lot of podcast with a just two guys hanging around talking cuz they’re two guys were like.

[2:00] We are really smart but we have a lot of good things to say we should just have a podcast.
We were the opposite we were like we’re boring but let’s get a girl dress girly girl listen and then more importantly than that and I cannot stress this enough there are some shows and places were like let’s put a hot girl in there,
but no we have.

[2:21] A hot girl who is also where you going to go with that,
and in the way you look cuz it is a podcast and it’s a audio podcast good thing people can’t see you are like an extreme geek,
you’re a geek here than any of us if you put us to shame inside so I think that’s what gives you the street credits.
Mulaney references in the meantime first order of business.

[2:58] Last week the new episode of the podcast Sands Jenna came out the night before,

The Avengers (Spoiler Alert)

[3:04] Eve if you will get to the Avengers, we’ve all seen it now there’s a lot to discuss and I will preface this by saying lots of spoilers here like what I’m going to try to not,
talk about it was or we’re not going to even try to talk about it without spoilers,
where is spoiled everything will put in the chapters or something if you want to skip ahead to this so but let’s just get right into it it’s doing it I hated it,
I’ll keep things out with you know more about me I’ll get around back to me shortly you are the one who likes all like you went to like the midnight screening,
May 7th 7 p.m. 7:01 p.m. screening GMT time I’m not joking or 10 theaters for The Avengers I like that.
But earlier like,
it’s going to come out on May 5th but you can also be like really catch on May 2nd like that sucked all the official it’s always give me like 3 days early from the Friday to initially coming out yeah. The good old days were they like there was a literally a projection is running with film strip down the hallway on top of that I don’t even know,
I’m beyond how they even figured out like we used to do the midnight screenings which was kind of an event and now it like those just a little bit.

[4:36] No not getting I did through a lot of light.
Twins that were really really excited I kind of made the movie viewing,
even better I was born the first yeah man came out first Marvel movie came out probably was like.
I don’t know I do slightly Envy this age group though because I was right that age when like Batman Forever came out and that’s what I had is that a yes,
Batman and Robin,
Jim Carrey’s character Val Kilmer Val Kilmer nips expert of all things like books and things so what was your take on the I’ll let you I’ll give you free reign drum solo yes it was good,
like there’s nothing else to say about it I have no complaints really you want to hear about the date for Marvel,
yeah there’s no competition he was really cool looking he was awesome.
Which I didn’t realize.

[6:12] We don’t get into that when Spider-Man is going I shed tears and now mind you I saw it twice I shed tears both times,
I think he was also I can I prevent deleting,
why is this old lady crying Iron Man. He was just like that interacts with the movie that mean I. You know Mac on rant about how people behave the movie theater through but I feel like when you see it the other Premier you’re open to say whatever comes into your mind is at,
I’m at the whole room here you and how many you know how many,
applied brakes were in this too many,
that one little Easter egg Captain America showtimes.
I mean that was over that it’s really funny to it talking about like not talking the theater and that’s tough I mean as much as you’ve learned from my new routine,
I only go to Alamo Drafthouse but I will mention that.
Everything was quiet as people started as The Avengers all the characters that have floating away into into Dustin everyone pretty much was like.
Okay cool okay cool and then as soon as Black Panther went somewhere Chris Christie who is.

[7:44] I mean like you put your point yeah we all know they’re going to,
come back somehow this a Time Crystal thing it’s going to rewind time or something that’s the MacGuffin time Crystal but what is the time Stone,
that was like some people were like that black panther was going to be.
Big movie before I came out there was a throwaway for them,
I mean I thought that no matter what he was going to go away I think they just under-utilized how much he’d be actually be in the movie was always going to disappear known black and everything to be the success that I was he made of had more screen time at the time of filming yes,
thought on it and conveniently it’s like the,
original Avengers were left a black widow which is why I don’t know I don’t know in the comics but they’re just going to flip it.

[8:42] Back around in the original Avengers going to go away sacrificing themselves for the phase 3 and 4 of entries were going to be coming back like Doctor Strange,
black panther Spider-Man that’s my theory of what’s going on I haven’t heard that. I make sense of Iron Man and Captain America 2 sacrifice their side of.
Living for the other side that disappeared there are rumors of Captain America like that being his final,
yeah me and he’s going to be replaced by maybe but will Bucky become comes to a female Catholic so I don’t know what they’re going to do the white,
Winter Soldier they called in the movie wonder they call him and I’m not exactly sure where that name came from,
he says it once I think I might have just been like their nickname for him maybe you know a few things that I had to like go back in.

[9:41] Like Google Apps after watching,
2018 stuff that’s coming and then there’s this weird thing with like the movies we have in between which I’m actually happy we only have to wait a year until the next one but,
we only have the new Ant-Man or like we didn’t ask for this and it takes place before.
Yeah this whole thing and then we have Captain Marvel which is still sort of the nearest to where exactly that takes placed it’s in the 90s.
Okay it’s going to be way before she does appear in Avengers 4,
we have a contact I don’t think she is she going to be in Avengers 4 is that confirmed.
Why wouldn’t you mean that’s kind of what it was,
I want to send an additional 25 minutes so I’m not going through that way going back to the presence in the theater and the way everyone acted when that,
it was a very weird credit sequence that came up like at like an in memoriam and when it came up he bore senior like.
Like there’s going to be some like tongue-in-cheek like the sunset it just comes up the you know the Avengers Civil Infinity war and it starts like one of the time.

[11:12] Throwing up the names of all the actors on the screen,
like they always do right but very slow in like almost like a like an a memorial,
Robert De Niro Heat,
and in the credit roll started when people were like, I’m not really good I’m glad I didn’t stay for that I actually my biggest issue with the movie was the post credit scene,
with yeah I thought Samuel Jackson should have been in the actual movie he’s only in the post-credits he starts to disappear.

[11:48] And that’s when you see the BP dropped his Bieber and his page and Captain Marvel of all people he / where is she,
we know what’s coming next they announce this and then do people who watch Avengers already know they digest every piece of information that comes out every set-piece zika delete is there they know Captain Marvel’s coming out to wait 25 minutes to get that scene I know it’s happening well speaking of people dying.
There and I and I can only remember one because it’s only one that resonated with me when I’m like that person is not coming back at all and I did not see that coming everywhere me and John,
me and Max will talk about this last week which is Civil War.
Was that okay this is the lead-up this is the setting the stage for Infinity War.

[12:42] In reality it turned out to be Infinity War sets the stage for the second part of infinity War which is no longer part 2 no it has a new name and some release some block but.

[12:54] We all kind of expected like all right you know Captain America is going to go away Chris Evans is no longer to be Captain America.

[13:00] So didn’t happen and instead we got a death that we didn’t expect and that was a huge.

[13:05] Huge like I didn’t I didn’t see that coming and I don’t care who we talk no more.
No but you know she’s coming back no I don’t mean it she yes.

[13:17] Pop is sort of an fly that just coming back in the same way everyone else died.

[13:25] Does that exist to alter time and reality and that anyone who dies can pretty much come back at any time,
I mean look what he does to Vision he literally like reassembles him with Tyler wines time and bring Vision back so we could take it stoned so you know and there is no there’s a Guardians 3.

[13:42] Confirmed about this is like you really don’t know who is safe and who’s not they cracked particular the writers even announced today that they said the people who died are dead and you’re going to have to grieve,
like I don’t know if that’s a red herring I don’t know if that’s just set up with his butt.
Nobody is safe even the people who are dead we don’t know if they’re dead movie was so good it was like twins,
so it’s kind of cool to see the villain win because I really did win. Even if it’s brief I mean it’s The Empire Strikes Back of the Avengers,
20 +.

[14:21] Featured characters all of them we’ve had dedicated movies for black panther Iron Man Captain America Thor and they wanted it fairly perfectly the bad guy got the most screen time.

[14:36] It was stano’s his movie.
But I will say to you mentioned Star Wars you cross the cross the stream yes but I will say culture podcast,
looking Bagon in all of our discussions about the Last Jedi like.

[14:58] I felt that the whole movie was essentially like a middle finger to the audience kohai you thought I was giving you that I did this thing I said this.
If you know this surprised audiences while at the same time didn’t piss anybody off either like everyone in going.

[15:13] All right you know obviously these contracts can’t last forever Robert Downey jr. Going to play Iron Man for the rest of his life.
Maybe Chris Evans isn’t going to be Captain America anymore maybe and then me and then we came into this and then we.
Yeah what made it enjoyable was not knowing where the story’s going to go.
And the only thing is afterwards makes your head spin a little bit of like well what is reality what could happen and you know,
spoiler review my theory please it’s not like I’m super smart one but it’s pretty obvious when we don’t deal with Smart TVs going through all different versions and I was going to say this year,
okay so obviously I mean the reason he gives the stone two venomous it’s because he’s seen all the outcomes and he said there’s only one in which we win.
So obviously he knows the only way the Avengers or you know the good people will win is if Iron Man,
survives and something so obviously you know I will have to find something to watch,
in the movie was great. The one thing that changed was in the trailer to The Hulk’s in the trailer.

[16:28] Final battle of charging when you see black panther and Iron Man and Black Widow they’re all charging in Wauconda in the back.
There’s a there’s a funko pop toy of the Hulk coming out of the Hulkbuster that that Tony Stark makes that giant iron man-like suit in the movie and I’m not exactly sure why,
so the detectives that are super nerds fans on Reddit tore apart the movie versus the trailer.
And there’s a lot of stuff that they put in the trailer that wasn’t in the movie,
be at the end and I don’t know why they changed it they also changed Spider-Man suit there’s a point in the trailer where he’s wearing his regular suit.
In a scene that when you get to the movie he’s wearing the Nano robot Nana texted yeah Spider-Man Electro Spider-Man,
did the CGI of Mark Ruffalo in that goddamn almost there was so bad but there’s one see when the hell it comes off and his neck is popping out of eagles Rivals the mustache,
Injustice League I don’t know what’s worse to pay very close attention to everything Mark Ruffalo ever says in a press junket Ruffalo Ruffalo.
Ever says that a press junket because apparently I refuse some smooth spoiled.
The entire movie about a year ago he said he said half the cast dies.

[17:58] And any any caught him off guard everyone thought he was joking,
and no one noticed until the movie came out like oh no he really did Sarah that was in the comics,
given I’m sure 85% of people watch Avengers don’t read the comic books but it was in the comics.
Yeah but it wasn’t his his exact line was wait until they see this next movie half the cast is killed all then don’t watch press junkets discussion around the same question actually so he’s going to slip,
moving on to some other things some fantastic news came out breaking news as we record this podcast me so happy so happy.

Arrested Development Redux

[18:45] Arrested Development this is exciting so we’re recording this podcast the day before it comes out on Thursday morning.
Tomorrow being the I don’t know how to describe time in a podcast that lives forever it’s Cinco De Cuatro Metro is is.

[19:04] Possibly already passed by the time you hear this podcast but one of the biggest complaints if there was any time discuss.
The original podcast podcast podcast was the fact that.

[19:22] Arrested development disorder.
The idea that a long yeah and it’s going to take every single character and give him their own dedicated episodes and tell their story unilaterally.

[19:35] Was sort of jarring in a little bit disjointed and someone obviously heard the cries of the fans and and.
Mitch hurwitz yes blessed us.

[19:48] With a record of the entire season which is frankly insane yeah in the most amazing way.
Edit a show beast on fans response like this is no fan cut this is the,
Creator yeah what do you master expect though like what do you think he’s going to do like how could he reacted it I think I think it’s just going to be based on time and not,
and I character because all these stories are happening and stare soda in her woven yet so I think he’s going back and then need to tell the entire story.
In sequential order and like mixed together The Story 3 episode 22 minutes which is what it every episode should because that’s when the first three seasons of each episode was 22 minutes on the Netflix season 4 the the the,
part one yeah everything was about 30 minutes and that is minutes is crucial yeah cuz it take it take it wasn’t.
It was funny yeah wasn’t that funny and I guess the only thing he really has to do yeah I mean there’s a lot and you what’s funny is I think of the I’m thinking back to the same thing we had a conversation on the old old podcast with maybe I’ll I’ll see if I can find.

[20:58] In that I think the thing was,
and I’ve always said this is I think there is sometimes we give a lot of crap to some networks in the executive knows where they’re like to do this or change that necessary evil because it puts the Creator within bounds they have to work between an,
you know it’s like it’s like when they had to do a commercial for Burger King.
Arrested Development.

[21:28] Is it this one the season 4 came out,
at a time when Netflix was relatively new it was House of Cards and Arrested Development those are the first two big properties that Netflix had when they really purchase starting out there streaming content having original content be on Netflix I don’t think they gave Mitch hurwitz.
A strict set of guidelines Grace was mature was trying something different and backfire but it wasn’t the same.
Mojo that he had with the first three seasons of Arrested Development just wasn’t the same like there wasn’t the same vibe to at least you’re loveable you know to buy it so I can build.
You’re so great a great guy I’m going to the beauty of Netflix that we have is second chance because of Netflix was foxes,
but the in addition to the Reata to season for getting a completely new season yes she’s just it’s just,
it makes me very sad it’s funny cuz I’ve seen you cry happy tears,
I know a few people of false off this podcast me and him just constantly make.
Arrested on the references to get bags like she I don’t have serious conversations with friends I just quote,
Arrested Development in the office and it’s always sunny she’s like a true conversation,
episode of Rescue Bots.

[23:02] That’s coming out the new season of season 4 is either tomorrow or Friday or maybe maybe it’s out or just go out it’s probably already I mean it’s no.
I mean logistic Lee all he really has to do is take all the footage that happened.
And then maybe get some new voice over from Ron Howard it’ll be interesting to see if they are going to be new jokes I don’t know if they’re going to leave the old season for us exactly sure but I go back and compare I have time.
Level do the speaking of networks and speaking of things that,

Tv Shows On The Bubble

[23:48] networks do that are wrong or bad. Netflix of the world it is officially May,
welcome congratulations we made it in wearing sleeves now.

[24:02] I want to see that skin of yours up for you there’s a few shows that.

[24:09] I’ve been watching networks apparently do still exist is it the show is that.
Are sorter not yet renewed until I get my Netflix shows on Netflix ironically enough,
at what TV signals Netflix,
so you’re not staying erect,
it’s like let’s just say yes,
stuff that is on the bubble,
they call it it’s an industry term describe it to the people children is that the show The Executive to make those decisions about whether or not your favorite television shows make it back for another season like the rest of them I once had to deal with,
it did his side I don’t know if this should come back so there’s a lot of shows that already have been given the green light we’ve been talking about Barry we did that last week I’m so happy that she already has a second season,
at Lanier episodes out there like this is great you’re not giving the show a second season,
ironically update they rescinded a second season. They received given the green light to go ahead and they’re like you know what nevermind for what was that horse show,
when they kill the horses.
Multiple animals in your show.

[25:48] Oh we will we will,
well we don’t have time to get into the whole Dustin Hoffman situation but.
When I read about Dustin Hoffman I felt heartbroken and angry and everything but little do you know,
story on the list that I was actually surprised by,
and send some some I’m not so surprised why it’s actually a short list and it’s pretty much limited to NBC and fox.

[26:34] The ones who cancelled their shows I have yet to decide and what ends up happening is later this month is when they have the big add meetings in New York but they gather together all the.
Big Spenders of the advertisements in New York City,
and they a big room in a fancy little party and they show them all the new TV shows that are coming this fall,
you looking to spend your money see and let me show you the pictures but yeah this is the time of year when they start doing those presentations when you find out whether or not.
The show you invested all your time in is no longer going to be on anymore and then there’s no there’s no resolution of Hope or or your show is coming back.
I’m here already so let me start with this because we always talk about we always talk about it’s always sunny,
I have not had a good are you I’ll put it this way it makes you miss her It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

[27:52] The mick,
nappr you can’t not compare the two from her TV show on Fox you watch watch that show,
I have to put on the actual TV show to thinks it’s on Hulu you can do that that show,
actually took some of the sunny Riders there I think it’s also produced by the same team it’s really well done it’s done where it’s essentially the same.
Vibe you get out of always sunny but it’s done enough really fresh way and it and it looks like from the outside it’s like oh it’s a family comedies like it’s an aunt taking care of her,
nephews and nieces and reality,
it’s basically Always Sunny With Children that’s amazing okay I doing well you should be pitching a straw you know the,
the morality or the lack of morality out of Always Sunny is sort of the sticking point there’s an episode of that ruining things where,
like that she goes on a gambling spree and then you know it’s basically expecting her to fail miserably and it said but at the end of the episode like,
just before the credit she rolls up she’s okay I want all our money back and they are they’re all sitting there like this is like a bad moral like,
moral to the story about like gambling she’s like morals and then that’s it the episode ass,
there is no moral compass for the show and it’s if you’re always sunny fan what’s your name then I’ll see the Dolson is fantastic in the show and then the other characters around her fantastic as well that show.

[29:30] Great,
fantastic fox loves it it’s actually doing amazing in the ratings and look tacky demos and blah blah blah more importantly AP Bio,
Professor who’s washed up and you know I see like I watch the first 3 episodes there’s the arrogance of Dennis from It’s Always Sunny but a little too much Sunshine at 8.

[29:56] Reeks of an NBC sitcom themes for the veg is not,
in AP Bio and I’m not sure why I mean Patton Oswalt.
Fairly be a pedestrian in it I don’t we let him be Patton Oswalt as much as you’d like him to be as he had definitely has a dirty side,
so I don’t know if things are going to change like they could reach Wolf season 1 is always a testing ground for shows the office changed Parks and Rec changes from season 1 to season 2,
find its ground it was funny to have you watched another show I was in Mean Girls,
the good girls are the magic doing that thing your grandma does I’m an able You by like even paying attention I’m not going to talk to Hendricks and,
Retta from Parks and Rec,
and her I have not heard much about the shows that she apparently is doing well okay,
girls rob banks to get money in right the wrongs no apparently I’ve been told but it’s actually doing decent which is also funny to me that like this kind of.
That contrast this High what’s the word I’m looking for actually doing well compared to AP Bio which is on the bubble it is called.

[31:37] Good girls see girls you’d like to know all the good women in Mad Men,
I have to go so anyway I’m doing this pretty slow but 800 as Chase on the bubbles.
What is show what’s going away this showing I think never had a chance on Fox ghosted.

[32:09] Craig Robinson and Adam Scott.
Are somehow get roped into the idea that they are in Supernatural investigators select the government or so yet,
sex with each other ones that fell and I think,
I think,
don’t know about it because it’s on Fox official yet but it’s kind of like,
pretty much cancelled if I watch it it won’t get cat maybe I don’t I don’t know,
you can walk by the Fox Studios in New York and I’ve actually I’ve walked by there they’re building and they still did and it’s sad,
they still have banners up there like toasted this fall on fire,
someone should take that down at you that I’m watching this is my favorite TV show,
every Fox exactly we can get Instagram green-lighted yes and I feel like this is a she might be a fan of,
Gotham is on the bubble never watched it,
I feel like it’s something feel guilty I watch the first season tell you why.

[33:40] What is the last season.
7 episodes of Rapid that’s great.
Yeah yeah speaking of Star Trek the Next Generation made by a traitor of family death,
you’re going to think it’s it’s essentially Family Guy in space not it is.
Roy Moore Star Trek in and played straight Star Trek start Star Trek the Next Generation in space.
And then it’s like a network executive notice I come on you’re You’re Something funky like-for-like one joking please do one but it’s essentially played like.
I’m a fan of Star Trek I can’t do a new version of that so imma do the next best thing and they say rip it off and do my own version it’s a really well-done show it’s actually arguably better than the Star Trek,
Discovery thing they’re doing ACS internet web sting,
the advocating that has been renewed for a new season Gotham has not so that’s on the bubble I also the two others I have on my list are both box shows surprise surprise surprise,
number one I’m not trying to start with all right the one that I think is less of a surprise but more of a disappointment last man on Earth.

[35:16] The sexy I love this show is it not going to get renewed right now.

[35:29] It hasn’t been renewed.

[35:31] Cancelled for today and Kristen Schaal Mary Steenburgen from,
from Mad Men January Jones January Jones,
very dark very funny.
Jason Sudeikis Bill Hader for like multiple story arcs engineering is very well done very dark,
and I hope they don’t cancel that I won’t say the name one person that even like shows up.
Where you’re like oh my God that’s a huge star and then immediately they shoot them in the face but it’s it’s it’s a very,
comedy version of like The Walking Dead.
I mean that sort of the way to say it is like if the Walking Dead had no zombies and literally everyone just died in the plan and you can do whatever the hell you wanted it’s,
and it’s a survival story sort of but it’s done in the dark comedy way it and then,
Bill Miller.
Isn’t it Phil Miller yes they can buy their names to make the main character is named hopefully it’s on the.

[37:06] So it may not be renewed but there are like four seasons she can you can you have plenty of stuff to binge good,
and I will say the one thing I like about the show too and I like when writers do this and head funny cuz all the successful shows do so maybe it’s a formula but.
Whenever they get safe whenever the story so to get safe they just throw it they crumble up the scenario and throw it in the garbage and say hi let’s reset one show that does not do that that is played a pretty much safe are old Parks and Rec Pals who are on the bubble.

[37:38] Brooklyn Nine-Nine,
which is super surprising to me they look pretty rabid fan base actually I did notice that they gets very very well received in the in the viewership of the world yet,
you wonder if Andy Samberg can lead a I said, she does a great job the whole cast Joe Joe Lo truglio truly oh I think sensei’s name Terry Crews Andre Bauer it’s against,
good cats Chelsea Peretti who was a writer and Parks and Rec is a star on it,
it is it’s very well that’s very quirky has a lot of callbacks it which is you know necessary for that show that runs that long and it’s season now and it’s it’s.
It’s from Michael sure sure make sure you know who did was from the office and hear any did Parks and Rec in the office,
I’m almost surprised this one’s on the bubble I’m almost surprised this one hasn’t gotten renewed but to that point.
Why is there shows you know will reinvent themselves and change things up and keep it interesting.
This show is trying to sort of be like Michael sharers other comedies where it’s like this is a safe space,
you’re at we’re going to stay in the Parks and Recreation Department going to stay in the office like it’s a place for you to feel warm and fuzzy and always come back to you and the reality is and to your point.
This show is so well-written it makes me like Andy Samberg I do not like to hear that story but I didn’t like Andy Samberg I find everything he did an oying.

[39:12] His personality and everything and especially SNL just completely annoyed me and then and then I got a chance to meet him like reset.

[39:20] I’m not going to let me go with no expectations on to meet the guy,
and then he was also still pretty annoying so I didn’t like him in person which is why it took me a long time to try Brooklyn Nine-Nine when I finally did I was like.
Well like they literally polished and clean his personality to the point where he’s likable.
And and that’s a hard sell episode.
I don’t think it will ever reach the status of like.
Because other shows like Parks and Rec are there lights on a c is the kind of thing you have to wait until it shows over because you know I’m at the office until it was on Netflix and I watched it for the 9th Time,
Salem Parks and Rec if she’s going to repeat that makes certain shows better yeah like Arrested Development which I’m going to be benching as soon as this is done dirty Rock before we go,

John Mulaney

[40:08] cuz we’re running out of time,
your homework was John Mulaney did you watch that I listen to it,
I’d rather you watch Rampage I wasn’t here last week so I just have to say I watched all 3 Netflix specials from John Mulaney because I watch the first one which was like the first,
Newington the first one I don’t know I loved it so I immediately.
Not as good but still good the new one is awesome,
okay I will say this it was a little bit of a roller coaster for me play drama like I love his whole stick.

[41:01] Here’s what happened I tried to play,
new in town right I forgot I had the shuffle button on on Spotify I clicked play and then I was like oh well that’s actually funny I there was one bit,
but I actually like laughed out loud too,
listening to without knowing it was John Mulaney I laughed out loud so I’ll give you that but then it went into other stuff and some of his older things back to like I think like maybe 08 or 11 or some like a couple years back,
and then I was like oh this is kind of weird that was not the homework and then once I realized I’m bouncing around albums and stuff and,
and so then I went back and I turn the shuffle button off and I listen straight through to some of the stuff I think new in town starts off at the whole quicksand bit and then.

[41:50] I listen to it and yeah I mean I get it he’s funny I here to think there are comedians hate myself,
when I got into lewisy example comedy,
boy I got it to his comedy and then you go back over the catalog and you work back or did you like oh well this guy.
Given his comedy changed over time it was always like weird and crazy and then it worked into being very Converse.

[42:19] Music.

[42:52] Watch or listen to it and then get back to us I’ll take the bus home.

[42:58] Music.


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