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It’s summer movie preview time! This week we look ahead at all the movies coming out for summer blockbuster season. Plus, TV shows you loved but eventually gave up on. It’s Tommy, Maxwell, and Genna recapping this week in pop culture!


[0:00] This week in pop movies summer movies specifically the ones coming out in this summer of this year and then TV shows and then TV shows don’t love anymore,
and then we don’t and then we don’t anymore.

[0:15] And then we broke up it happens we had a friend come with us to go get our stuff and then you started being a friend yes.

[0:24] Music.

[0:34] This weekend in the British accent,
can do a British accent and I can do a German accent on my German accent just yelling loud goodbye,
so now you know a John likes,
British impersonators,
enunciate Jenna like like,
Jenna British like a Leslie Knope does and I like Flex,
to this weekend I know this week tonight no The Last Week Tonight.

[1:28] Nice weekend. I know but if you came up with John Oliver yes I said hello hello hello,
that’s his thing sings falling apart already outside and Maxwell,
we’ll see if we can get to do that we did we did it at the British
The matter that I’m sorry keep going.
Is getting warmer out Jenna lost her sleeves,
New York City.
Now whatever it is your phone if you live in New York City where you can be alerted to crimes as they happen.
She can go like watch so you can be paranoid each of you said is true you can be super paranoid that there was so much.
Bad things happening in your neighborhood and unfortunately he was originally removed from the app store cuz they called it vigilante into the citizen.
And they felt like they were encouraging people to run and find the Christ.
No it’s someone they popped up on on the internet’s the day that’s someone was walking in New York City with your headphones,
summer just ran by and took their headphones off their head and ran away was it posted on citizen yeah and I saw someone one of the BuzzFeed editors tweeted it he’s like this is my biggest fear in life that someone will take his headphones like you’re walking on the street just going to work whatever in your listening to your music and then somebody was worth.

[3:12] In the runs in the opposite direction before you know what they’re gone to the wire like around. Have Bluetooth headphones,
really use wires.
Anyway as you’re mentioning it is getting warmer outside yes,

Summer Movie Preview

[3:32] I’m sorry,
I feel bad that I I did he wasn’t paying attention like from the get-go.
I’m sorry Maxwell movie Summer I just drove buzzwords at you,
spell was so it is getting warmer outside in movies are coming it’s the summer it’s a summer blockbuster season work podcast we should talk about it,
spell awesome tunes 2 moves,
they released this weekend,
end of Memorial Day weekend,
chicken fighting suit if you can do it earlier and then I hit movies in October that are blocked by Guardians of the Galaxy.

[4:45] It was like a May 2nd,
Lite-Brite the movies that were coming up earlier,
we’re so the throwaways for the studios like we think it’ll be good but we’re not a hundred percent conference dumping in May,
and then they became the biggest movies of the year and they’re like well that’s because of the weekend we knew it was going to do well that was strategically for all the good movies came out in like April,
and and here we are but now let’s consider this the soft official yeah of The Unofficial Blockbuster season 6 right only God we got a sequel of course cuz can start things off,
without a sequel Deadpool 2,
which strip on the fence.
The first Deadpool he better do it yes or no.
I will probably turn it off halfway through that’s all I can throw something at the TV it’s fine it’s a movie that you’re going to like,
I love it’s the only thing I’m thinking of it doesn’t mean I like all like that’s the thing it’s like I can’t like everything everything I got to find something not to like sister go with Deadpool,
what are some other nerd things you don’t like none,
do not like Ryan Reynolds okay there it is there is your I found it.

[6:16] Dreamboat Annie there’s no ladies here or a gentleman,
it’s like there’s something about him that I find kind of generic like.
Is schrand of humor is just kind of you know what you’re talking about right now it’s like iron.
I mean like just friends I like she’s friends with.
You should have ended up there a Green Lantern I never happen Tommy that is that.
Weddings pretty good all the time he’s not really start waiting when he’s like when he’s no one eats the waiter with Justin Long John Francis Daley you one of those really things and deeds.
Deez Nuts Deez Nuts in it.

[7:11] It is Guzman but it’s a Freddy Freddy I’m going to go with Friday cuz I don’t know if he has a statue at Greendale University.
Follow me we can answer that we’ve got solo a Star Wars story I am not looking forward to seeing you know what’s funny I got an in Jena as the resident Star Wars nerd.

[7:40] And tell me if I’m wrong I mean at this point and I feel like they kind of know it but.
Donald Glover seems to be out Shining Star by like yeah several times over that what he’s doing is unbelievable that man can do whatever he wants yet to me seriously and be fine writer comedian yes.
Does singer Childish Gambino release for this is America is working for Tina Fey on 30 Rock is just,
isn’t it funny to is both I love him or the same time he gives me the most.
Anxiety about my life because I used to hang out at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre when I was in my late teens early 20s I had the opportunity to like go to the classes there like he did and I’m like,
Wayne Baker just like been normal in like went to classes there and did,
the same stuff he did and didn’t like Talent America music video oh my God I do,
Dairy Queen different,
I mean I like the idea of Phil Lord and Chris Miller when they were directing it who took over and it just seems like it’s going to be a generic.

[9:14] Movie I am not the biggest Star Wars fan it’s just,
it seems like it’s going through the motions yeah yeah I know what’s funny is I feel like therapy session I feel like eating,
awesome Emoji flag to Rogue one cuz it was another movie just to throw in there but it was original story yeah I loved it and I loved the characters and I loved sort of what it did I have,
it has flaws but it’s it was still something I look forward to this I feel like if I missed it I wouldn’t be missing anything like I feel like it.
I feel like this is definitely a throwaway movie it’s not something we wanted to come back and forth we looked forward to or ask for but the same time.

[10:02] You don’t want to know Han Solo story but I feel like this is not the right one something’s better left kind of yes yes.
but that’s that’s what happens when you spend 6 billion dollars on on Star Wars they’re going to want to make this as much money as possible that’s what he’s going to do and they’re doing it It’s just tough because it’s like if you are a Star Wars fan like Han Solo.
Yeah is Harrison Ford it is I know what it’s like now it’s just this kid who I read is not a good actor,
I don’t know anything about him so I really can’t say yeah so I’ve heard he’s like really not that good of an actor.
And now he’s taking on this role of Han Solo it’s and you will see I don’t buy shoes to fill,
if you taking either they bought and brought on an acting coach new onset I’m out early by that kind of thing is very funny in,
the Coen Brothers movie just came out hail Caesar had a little bit part in that with a ray finds the W the best seen the movie with Ray Fiennes I mean I don’t know he has potential I don’t want to be one of those Jai Courtney,
or Alex Pettyfer situation for the guys really is a shit after they keep giving him his a horrible but they gave him so many Magic Mike Magic Mike I Am Number Four,
cute he was in beastly with Vanessa Hudgens I think he just needed to stream movies and they all sucked,
and you see it would seem like an asshole on set a lot of stories came out about him being an asshole in a different dimension he got rejected by Hollywood but the Hollywood system works is if you no matter what you do if you go away for 5 years and then come back it’s all forgiven so now he’s coming back and directed the movie that said that Sundance Jennifer Morrison I thinks in the movie.

[11:45] Simon I don’t know what to say bothers me when they give these actresses her and she has gas haven’t heard bad things about all the memories as a person,
which is good I’m happy about that we’ll see what happens,
yeah I guess I’ll go see how to see Donald Glover and yeah that’s the one reason to go I feel like Monday Morning Quarterback the whole movie but I feel like they could have been Orlando movie.
Which would have been a stretch made like what they’re going to do a movie about a bit,
I got single character from part of the Star Wars universe that was like separate being a better route than like taking a main character from the story and trying to give him his own side,
like spin off right,
because then you can just have him you can have Han Solo show up in like a few scenes but do we need any just in the background,
boner moving on June 18th ocean 8 on down,
what about him he made a joke in an old special somewhere because I binged all of them you know Noah Diana me,
where he was like he can never have an Ocean’s movie with all women like at Ocean’s 11 movie with all women they don’t bicker and blah blah blah.

[13:16] And I think what’s funny about this is this is been my sort of every time anyone not the people still talking about the Ghostbusters reboot but anytime that’s come up I’m like scene,
I agree with this I will actually go see oceans ate because I’ve actually think.

[13:31] It has potential I got it looks actually he’s also got a slapstick comedy Elsinore Paulson’s great,
marijuana’s and his only flaw with it is that it takes place in New York and not Vegas I want to see casinos but I think we’ve got a lot of money Maxwell.
Satellite says you’re only is the person they’re trying to steal the necklace already but there’s a lot going around where she’s with the the Oceans 18.
I just seen some press photos and like she’s in the group internet.
The plug yeah I’m so I’m not really sure what’s happening there so but either way that’s coming out June 8th as is one of the best horror movies that’s been working a lot sometime hereditary is called it from here to Sundance I don’t like Star movie loved it,
you don’t like scary movie I don’t know the closest I got was get out and I was like I’ll watch it but it was didn’t feel like a scary movie.
You did you go to Sunday I didn’t get to see it I am actually very excited it’s hard to see a lot of movies at Sundance this one from your at midnight and when you see it’s five movies in a day it’s actually.

[14:55] Exhausting family whose patriarch so it’s,
people called it very unsettling people keep saying,
the scariest movie I’ve ever seen and we’ll see how that comes out. The following weekend June 15th The Incredibles.
I haven’t seen the first one still no I know that I feel like I haven’t seen it and I don’t want to like,
sit down and watch it out cuz I feel like I’ve heard so much it should be watching all of the Pixar movie,
maybe one day I think I’ve seen most of them now seeing cars because my son wanted to see it and I like this how to make Sam the whole time just like the picture in the background like as far as low on the totem pole I know love it,
getting cars is the most eccentric.
Star movie adults supposed to go see.

[16:01] Incredibles add to the list that same weekend tag comes out as a ridiculous constant what’s funny about this is tag,
tag is it stag where is the movie the movie based on,
the concept of tag with a group of friends had a game of tag going on for 20 years movie Hannibal Buress,
which are the way there you go rentals,
I know you wouldn’t get it I wasn’t mad men fan I like to before all you know,
no I like I like Hannibal Buress in anything cuz my favorite thing on the Spider-Man homecoming,
any just like one line app for word to that light switch there’s not a lot of original comedies lately I think the only other one I can think of that sort of a mainstream Studio Movie with blockers.
Because I can’t say cock blockers I didn’t see it but I also heard great things but I’m awesome,
doesn’t really good I know it has Ike Barinholtz who I love you were mad tv days and was also in the other movie that seems similar.
The one with Seth Rogen.

[17:30] They have the sequel to I love with the kids next door neighbors neighbors I did not see that I saw the first okay,
but you ain’t using the first one he was he was the friend not memorable blockers almost seem like a spin-off to.
Like neighbors I can see my shipment to make it but,
but I’m looking forward to tag because we need Port original comedies that says basic as this sounds it’s nice to have ya there with yolen Kingdom I don’t hit the first one out of my mind how much money.
That first one made I know I love Chris Pratt I like Jurassic Park,
just this one here’s what I think about our age demo our group we’re old people by the way.
30s late 20s next week.

[18:41] But like we grew up watching Jurassic Park like that was a big deal for us who is essentially without us realizing it against have a very scary movie that we saw his children and now we have children.
Well you have to have children one third of the people of our demo have I have nephews but they’re not mine,
but like I feel like people are like oh we got to go see this I remember when I was a kid and I go Jurassic Park so I feel like people were bringing their like young families in the theater to go see this and flocking there,
and then on top of that then you have teenagers and stuff it was for that perfect you know melting of nostalgia a little bit.
For like our demographic of people who want to rush with their own families now and then dear to go see something that they saw his children Bellflower,
oh no I think it was crap but I’m saying like as far as why I did so well I did a lot of it has to do with Nostalgia factor and us bringing our little kids and crying babies that they totally isalean the best scene of all times when the assistant gets basically,
Holden half in Malden mutilated in the water,
I love you. Because it would be like severely killed for a solid minute,
I was closing my eyes I was scared.
It’s directed by the same guy who did the first one and also didn’t see it’s not guaranteed which I like that would be a lot if you like class free Plaza.

[20:11] EMT classes in the up.
Yeah I saw them I saw them doing the Press rounds they have a HBO show coming out of Anthology show.

[20:25] 2 came out on Netflix with a gray so good really good if you like a really weird kind of our movie I highly recommend that’s on Netflix from Jurassic world though.

[20:38] Awesome everything I saw it’s pretty much the same plot as the Lost World.
It was like the sequel to the original Jurassic Park which is we got to go back and they go back in there you go.
And then we have what else June 29th you got sick Kario day of the Salata when I throw,
that title so much shikari I was so.
soldado ever I haven’t seen the first one that you shouldn’t it’s like top of my list,
I guess I’m an adult with a kid so I got to wait for the kids to go to bed before I watch a movie with a murder children and yeah yeah,
that’s one aspect of it I mean it’s it’s great because not a lot of movies give a female character a lot in terms of like living a man’s world and Emily Blunt plays this sort of operative agent who has to do with this in this man society but she gets thrusted into this thing it is comforting Mexico between.
Assassin in a drug lord and she’s basically, middle between Josh Brolin kind of telling her what to do and she’s having a lot of morality she’s about this because she sees what’s happening and he really doesn’t and Batista.
Coming off as I know earlier episodes but it’s really hard to watch him in this,
like I slept even seen I’ve seen like Clips it’s hard to see him in Sakura Sakura escario carryout and then try to watch him in.

[22:11] Star Wars movie with terrible in Star Wars in between that and such an awful cameo in there,
it’s always the same character to is it might be a little confusing and hard to tell when he’s going for,
anyway that’s coming out of money and moving on to me it’s what I got to speed run this little running out of time moving to July Ant-Man and the WASP July 6th Place outside this entire,
University I just saw so it’s kind of like a when is Captain Captain Marvel Captain March.

[22:55] That’s March of next year I feel like they could have kept Ant-Man and wasp or whatever this is until like November this year but they could have did it later than have to do it so early,
is Marvel coming out November know it’s later on tomorrow I feel like they could have held this out a little bit longer.
By the time this comes out of July you said where my sexy like.
At that point in some theaters of Hendersonville can be playing yeah because I’m going to be out there so I could have kept,
chapters for the end of the year but it’s Marvel in their cash grabbing,
does forever yeah I will watch that man in anything yes this one now has Michelle Pfeiffer joining the cast supposedly as the the mom who is missing from the first Ant-Man when they went me,
two small affair with the term was a small drink too much you become like molecular,
go too far and internally she was stuck in limbo but now she gets out and Lily will play the lost sheep and it’s rare to see female superheroes and the Tramp,
I think it’s nice I mean we’re getting more of them with Wonder Woman and can’t Flex Trainer yeah they’re coming out Mission Impossible.

[24:20] I’m not there yet but I don’t have time comes Wayne Johnson in an ice scraper it is but it’s,
July 13th,
how we can go to Mission. July 27th I did not know,
you know I had to suffer some reach just naturally I should hear something though I will say,
that is not a lot of action flicks that I’m like I like I like I like the way this is going.
Hear me out for just one moment with you but like.
I gave up on double O7 like I was all laminate when they did Casino Royale and dislikes or more grounded double O7 and then I felt just went off the rails where is Mission Impossible kind of found this nice life.
Mary she’s like it’s very easy going like you go in you know what to expect they deliver on everything you have a nice story and then it just wraps up and ends and then if there’s never a sequel again no one cares if there’s no sequel in 2 years.
Great cool I want to see you know and I also feel like the injection of like where they have the cast now.

[25:45] Is gray cuz when the first couple movies they kept like just trying to rotate a cast except for Tom Cruise,
around and and now they’re also injecting Alec Baldwin into it old that’s the one thing that missed that.

[25:57] James Bond doesn’t have that he doesn’t have a sporting cats but other than I am,
there’s really does really have a team he has Judi Dench that’s that’s what he has,
no Superman what Henry Cavill character is I assume he’s bad but yeah maybe you never know,
he has a good cats I’ll give you that good team and that’s what makes the movie fun I’m still disappointed because it was and I blame you for some reason I don’t know why me and you.
Screenings would they came out on the same day,
no I was like around the same time and who is the man from Uncle with the Henry can ride you right and then it was the mission impossible 1 like a couple a week later the cops,
and ghost Ghost Protocol and I feel like if go Sparkle didn’t come out we could have maybe like.
Man from Uncle would have done a little bit better yeah the very underrated movie nope I am really upset because Henry Cavill in that was.
Awesome if you’re into like these really old school like 60s era spy movies it really was it was funny that was funny at the time they advertise it as a serious or the spy movie,
did Armie Hammer Hammer it was a very good buddy 60s spy Thriller comedy and people keep pointing to it as like a.
Archer Archer right there like make a Henry Cavill Archer.

[27:29] If I felt like it was so underrated and even after I came out and I love that movie and I it pisses me off because I feel like,
there were two spy movies that came out pretty much the exact same time one was Man from Uncle that unless you’re an old like older in a know the backstory of like this the series from the 60s you understand it otherwise it’s like,
Mission Impossible Tom Cruise I know that thing it’s been around forever so thanks Tom Cruise were running a franchise that could have been description,
which one Mission Impossible fallout Fallout.
All it says is 55 year old Tom Cruise still mountain climbing without ropes,
which weather like can I just going to ask because okay in Ghost Protocol the whole thing was him.
Hanging off the building right the biggest building in the world and in no yes in Ghost Protocol that with that one yes the one we saw.

[28:29] For the next one year was the volunteer on the airplane so what’s his crazy Tom Cruise stunts for this one is some of the helicopter.

[28:38] That’s right in the trailer like just I got to take a nosedive helicopter thing there’s,
that and he also does Church of Scientology,
and then you ask if he broke his leg he broke his foot,
yeah that’s one take jumping out of building next to get the tickets in the movie realize see him break his foot in the trailer to there’s the part they show it when it happens like he’s in like,
yeah road chase then I really like the.
You know franchise even though they weren’t,
potential franchise with Armie Hammer we get the Meg which is a,
weird looking movie they’re not promoting it yet it’s about a large shark.
Oh I saw the trailer for this when I saw vendors Jason Statham’s in it yeah and it’s about a I guess I’ll bioengineered shark deep blue sea if you will.
Of the of the of the present day that it looks.
It looks odd like shit the mega bag.

[30:12] Cool it’s not like I’m going to Megalodon right why would you call it the Meg but but what if I told you it’s the same guy who did National Treasure,
kelissa phenomenon.

[30:29] That’s a great movie I love it and is he crazy and Cool Runnings,
send a resume I like that these sort of you had the term these lot no plot.

[30:50] Like how I ain’t forgot the term like little a little like I got to go back and load plot,
these movies and I said like it was Cassandra 90s Trend back in the 90s I can have like Armageddon and all these other like big Blockbuster and and we didn’t have that for a while and we day but Tomb Raider is in and all these other kind of crappy,
Fly by Night forget him never see him again action flicks and then when Rampage came out would you been dreaming about.
It’s nice to be nostalgic and think about these set of pointless action movies and now I feel like the is getting flooded yeah.
But where are these coming from who asked for this America didn’t they are getting them.
This is America I like that there’s not a lot else that’s coming out there’s one thing. Slender Man.

[31:41] Well I mean I will see that but no there’s also Keanu Reeves movie which I’ve actually heard about this one I’m actually I think Keanu Reeves can do no wrong,
what is that about so it’s a sci-fi movie and he basically played the dude is trying to bring his family back from the dead but I’ve heard things about this and I’ve heard it’s actually supposed to be.
Pretty good comedy know it’s like sci-fi drama I just love Keanu Reeves on that I just I want him to like just I don’t know.
A replicas Multiplicity.

[32:17] I’ll give you the address so I have it it’s all I got for August,
so I mean I landed on this last one cuz there’s really actually kind of Slim Pickens as we get down here but in September I’m looking forward to this because I love the director Shane black who’s on Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Iron Man 3 raved about this dude he is making the new Predator movie,
and I love predator and I love seeing black so I should love this it’s coming out on September 14th.
The cast is interesting it’s Olivia Munn Jacob Tremblay the kid from room not the room room,
Thomas Jane Thomas Jane and Sterling K brown and black wrote it to which I love.

[33:01] Gets Ready credit used gets Final Cut of his movies I hope he does for this and that you were just not on board with this clearly never was a fan of Predator I like the handshake.
Literally like that type of they are scary,
yeah that’s all I got that’s some rubies and if we missed one I’m actually this is the first time I’m going to call out they should let us know yes I’m Twitter,
what’s the Twitter what are we had everything is at this we can talk to me to remember us and let us know if we missed anything that’s worth seeing and then we’ll go see it and we’ll talk about it,
yeah like this week in top Calgary Keanu Reeves is we talked about that,
I do like a Keanu Reeves under like multiple Twitter handles TV.

Tv Shows You Stopped Loving

[34:00] There are a lot of TV shows we watch Jenna you watch a lot of television.
PS I have no life Tommy believe correctly I got through an entire bench revamped season of Arrested Development in a single sitting basically,
that’s how I was in my own filth but I don’t know how you do it,
there’s a lot of TV shows you watch and then sometimes the TV shows get a little much and then you like,
exactly breaking up with your TV shows there’s a few shows sometimes you watch him in.

[34:34] It’s not exactly it’s not you it’s me or yes real life.

[34:44] Are there shows you stopped watching.
Because like me it’s weird because I feel good TV shows you invest the time you know it’s early reason why I end up watching TV shows Every Move I can dedicate a half hour and then another half hour and three hours and I’m like I should just watch the movie.
I have a hard time letting go of TV shows even if they start to suck sometimes I’m like I got to see it through or something,
with The Walking Dead that’s why I don’t know I just feel like I can’t give up yet,
tell people to not watch that show and I don’t do that for many.
It’s at 1 sure I gave it up cuz I was like enough of that and then some was like no we don’t know why I was like two seasons behind.
And in one season was leaving the prison.

[35:43] Every season isn’t cheating a place and walking on a road lined with trees crazy about that show is like you think like are they going to get somewhere and something’s going to happen but the entire season turns into yeah.
Then going a place and then it just in it as with something happening if not major and it’s a cliffhanger.

[36:06] They lost me that far I know it’s that season on the farm while you’re here like did you exercise in a long time when I’m never will I watch that first season it was great,
yeah we talked about this before I’m pretty sure a couple times but she said that that that season they didn’t go anywhere and nothing happened.
Buypower credit now because I fell out after the same thing too I watch the whole farm season,
damn I’m a trooper and then I gave up and then and it’s another chance.
Can I get a chance I think I skip to season 2 and I just intrigued,
and then I watched them walk along the train tracks for the entire season and I was like almost two and a half there was one that I fell out of love with I still finished it I was very upset by that I was lost,
the whole thing now it’s on my bench Elizabeth something I want to be ninja stars,
this one lost came out we had 6 God damn end and the way it ended was.

[37:23] Aggravated and annoyed and dance so many chances to get it right and it just they didn’t,
and that really upset me I don’t like this feeling like there was just didn’t have to,
that really bothered me because at its Corey wasn’t about that.
It was about this mysterious island where that we didn’t know what was happening where they were what was in the goddamn Ash and just I don’t know the way the way they ended it that’s why I don’t watch The Leftovers that’s why I don’t watch a lot of things that Carlton,
choose and Damon Lindelof ever their names are and show their tied to I don’t watch anymore but no answers on the leftovers,
I watch that one through I loved it but if you don’t get answers,
and I read a lot of books I read sometimes a reader should we talk about.
But no he was at a time where they were the writers were kind of playing to the crowd of people who were like.
Kind of doing with what they do with Westworld now which is like going online and figuring out like where that clue mean and what does this thing do.
Any play to that but then if you go back and binge it which I have done it’s just so,
God damn slow like it just drags and drags and there’s a lot of TV shows I seem like you that like you’re trying to fill out an hour,
and it’s like yeah and it and you can’t stick in there especially can go back and watch it over again I just,
discipline a few shows where I’ve watched it through and I’m like I have the answers now but I’ll never go back and watch that again.

[39:02] Yeah I think that’s going to probably watch I’ll give it a shot. I haven’t been to shower or show up in it that I kind of threw it in there I didn’t there so if I decide to finish it was Prison Break,
first episode was great I understand the concept,
they broke out in the first season,
I’m good I don’t need it anymore so that I might fall out of him,
crap Ford is handmaid’s tale it’s getting really dark this season.

[39:43] Depressing yeah everytime that’s over like I go to bed and I’m like I just don’t like,
yeah and it’s hard to just hard to beat Game of Thrones in Game of Thrones like that kind of,
yeah it’s me,
good moments in a show not a happy trail so those are my two and a half definitely The Walking Dead but I don’t know if black green show it’s such a good show,
I just never fed the series finale came in when I was like 4 episode short of finishing,
I just couldn’t do it just didn’t care just saw the last season is just one of those shows where it’s about,
it’s about a girl who essentially finds out that there are like multiple clones of her all over the world leads into this whole thing with this lab and their science about right and there’s boy clones and it’s just really intricate it gets really involved and it goes in a place that’s just kind of,
in my opinion so I didn’t do anything for me.

[40:59] I hate saying it but the Flash on CW,
two seasons but it’s funny cuz I wonder if my wife was into Supergirl.

[41:19] And you wash and so she said,
will say things like she said they started introducing like originally the show was more of like how does this girl who have superpowers kind of deal with it and like soda everyday crimes in this and they started trying to make like big evil characters they brought Superman in randomly and she’s like yeah it’s a different show now it’s not,
interesting and she fell out of that I’m with your wife on that one.
Give me other Schnauzer about you well it’s funny Walking on everyone’s list remind me of was Weeds once they burnt the neighborhood down I’m like yeah,
see where they go show so that the whole concept behind the show.
Was was great it’s sort of this like how do you drug dealing in the Suburban neighborhood it’s a Suburban mom and all that and all that.
Can a weird niceties of of living in a modern weird you know ticky-tack house little blah and then they’re like,
let’s burn down the whole neighborhood but we’d like the whole castle it’s just all my great everyone to a new that didn’t make any sense it was bikini,
jump start logical yeah definitely jump the shark,
Arrested Development the from Kid Ink almost done you don’t even say I don’t even smoke matter ears.

[42:57] That’s it for me if you guys have any by you guys I mean the listeners have your shows that you fell out of love with you want to hear them,

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[43:12] Music.

[43:23] Bring up the phone to Jenna and she’s going to have access to the Snapchat account Snapchat.
Yeah I guess that’s good we’ll make glasses out of it.
Let us know what your your shows are that you fell out of love with.
That’s it will be back next week.

[43:55] Does swell up Maxwell.

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