Arrested Development, Roseanne, and Westworld

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Arrested Development is back! Roseanne is cancelled! Plus, a review of Solo and catching up on Westworld.

[0:00] This week in Poplar very disappointed Westworld solo all things that are I talk about your solo.

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Call Jane’s Addiction High,
you guys have been that busy lately could you do a intro to a podcast has nothing to do with your Maxwell sorry but it’s on My Mind by Jenna welcome back,
addiction therapy session.
Yeah I heard of Jane’s Addiction therapy dead to talk about this week first and foremost by the way before you get into the big stuff you want to talk about,
a few little notes a few little like a rapid fire things to mention.
Amazon has picked up the expanse which I think we talked about EX set it that way. That’s all I hear that’s all I hear now I don’t know what the show is about,
I should and I feel like now that there’s been all this.
You know who blah blah about it I still on it,
what he was on its addiction Thomas shade,
he was like they’re big star on that we’re going to talk about later today we are Arrested Development he was all that yes.

[3:15] Who was the actor for him you know him for my kids back as a real purchase point I don’t know if you still on the show I don’t know what like Tommy have not seen one episode of XPS,
Jenna can you actually call Ocean as to what the show is about a pair of pants to be honest I don’t love it episodes it is about,
the Earth is no more and we are now living on some sort of like Space Station.

[3:57] Okay and it’s changed humans like we kind of involved like some people are sick some people dying and it’s all about corruption within the spaceship there’s like ranking and there’s other so hot people,
everyone it just so happened everyone on at Space Station,
I think I would determine if I had an arc like situation in the world was ending I would rape people on the hotness you’re a doctor of you’re not that cute,
don’t need you to the flood you go would you be that open about us I wish I could tell them that you’re yes so very very open like you’re super happy you’re a secretary but,
come on up next to me I don’t think I can make the cut in your Ark situation and I’d bring you guys both alone,
Gucci offered to take me into her arms,
so apparently yes expanse,
who’s better Amazon which we talked about a little bit last time so that’s that’s news that happened,
also Roseanne was cancelled I don’t know why and I hope nobody picks it up Amazon don’t pay out that show don’t pick her up I don’t think that’s going to happen the latest news on that as of this podcast is the show is cancelled yes,
apparently everyone hates Roseanne including the guy who played DJ,
persecute and I will say this I saw some of the cast doing there.

[5:34] Pressed or prior to the show coming out everyone seem to be on board with each other except for Roseanne,
like it was almost like I felt like politically in like the wise like everyone sort of agree with each other.
And they were doing a different agreement than Roseanne and so now she’s starting to kind of blame that,
what kind of went into the show would like a hey let’s just do this you want to bring everyone back together it’s an exciting thing they missed each other like a family they did the show for years,
and then now they’re not doing the show I love it it’s a shock to people that Roseanne is all of a sudden racist and a bigot and if she’s always been this way,
her infamous picture of her posing as Hitler,
I mean that was it was for George magazine this was a chance for her I guess too.
Redemption in to some degree in the show was a huge success I mean ABC let it,
in there up front so we talked about a couple weeks ago they started with Roseanne and Roseanne came out and waved and everybody clapped I will say and for all the reaction afterwards including which is where I was going to go with this to is a lot of.

[6:53] Variety deadline everyone started looking at this and saying okay.

[6:57] Well now what cuz everyone liked the rest of the cast in the entire rest of the cast and the writers are all kind of like no no like she singled out.
Unfortunately the one person the show is named after and why aren’t you a Roseanne show sand Roseanne show like Aunt Jackie show.
Am I cute right I did you guys watch Roseanne I don’t know if you guys watching the patient back in the OG Rosanna I love this Rose and I’ve watched it I don’t love it it’s just it’s lost.

[7:29] And yeah I guess I wasn’t feeling it and I just know what an asshole Roseanne is now which I did it when I was younger and next year,
and I will so as of right now the look at it is number 1 the production company that is running or was running that show has the entire cast in Block for,
contract for a season to no one’s talking about while I was supposed to get paid for season 2,
I was actually hoping to try to cancel I’m dead serious I wanted to try to consult like an entertainment lawyer to figure this out because it’s like.
Roseanne Barr for like essentially getting the show canceled because of her.

[8:10] Actions and in losing them their payday I don’t know why I feel like this happens,
a lot though not like this yeah I guess you’re right now like this that’s interesting I’m not I’m not sure sure will be hearing about it,
I mean these people pick up jobs at the drop of a hat like you know if they get one at the next day they have to like find another pilot that’s probably gets picked up at the state within a VCR the Andersons her contract is a contract void if there’s a lot of interesting questions that,
do we know any entertainment lawyers that I was looking at my phone my Rolodex but I’ll be interesting I’m I’m curious,
I would think it mean if it’s any other job or company you work for theoretically if one person.
Screw something up and gets your contract cancelled so her actions but for what she did.

[8:59] ABC said you know what we don’t want to do business with the entire show anymore because of what you’re doing we can’t be involved in that and that’s understandable,
what is the address of the castle look at her and say you screw this up for the rest of us by your actions you had our contract for the show Boy did in blah blah blah.
Do they have recourse obviously I don’t know who the hell would want to go within Sue Roseanne Barr bright I mean DJ hasn’t really done anything since,
but long story short the here’s where we stand is,
as of right now they’re saying a reboot or a version 2.0 or 3.0 of Roseanne without Roseanne but about the Connors or some version of that is unlikely,
but it’s not.
Completely out of the picture the people at the producers behind the show or like we have everyone in contract be able to write as we have all the cast they all love working too they want to work together maybe we’ll see what we can do but I guess the hardest part of it is the creative figuring out how they can,
creatively come up with a plot line where the entire Conner family exist without the person the show is based around,
zero interest in that kind of show but I will watch it just as just a few know.

[10:16] Motivated by like ABC’s concern for you know doing the right thing like a moral concern,
like a show that the reality is yours the sad fact there are a lot of people who are racist just like and their people,
treating their support for her right now they would watch the show no matter what yeah they’re losing those viewers they’re losing that entire audience no matter what.
This is a big lot right ABC doesn’t care if it’s watching people watching it and I was a hugely successful show I doubt it cost that much to make aside from the the cash payouts I’m sure Roseanne and John doing it a lot and Laurie Metcalf.

[10:57] Datasets or nothing it’s a three-set show 3 camera and it says you know the low budget,
yeah I went to leave last man standing to be like that was on ABC that got cancelled but that was I don’t know what was it was it like politically-motivated know it wasn’t like a huge.
The show did okay and decent as far as like overall ratings but for the dino coveted 18 to 34 demo like they wasn’t there,
it didn’t fit with,
ABC was trying to go for still like I was going to cut it okay if is America thrilled here,
let’s be honest so alright so that’s where that entire good luck,
all I want to see is John Goodman employed that’s my motivation,
the dean of the air conditioner repair school on community movies he was in Argo.
Cloverfield Lane,
actually I think he gained extra weight like you did a really good job at losing weight and gain more weight for that role which is the shopping for me.
He’s been in a lot of stuff I think he popped up and Saturday Night Live a couple times has Rex Tillerson yeah some the political cold opens who’s in Kong Skull Island.

[12:38] Tri-C they’ll be fine don’t worry about John Goodman John Goodman Wednesday nights.

[12:50] Which one is that cuz one of them.
But you can’t talk but you was the one I was canceled okay,
and then I guess it’s Sarah Chalke I mean she’s in like every sitcom somewhere around,
the gaffer is entering the cameraman and at the same time I mean it’s it’s Hollywood there’s there’s always something going on yes it’s always something speaking of which something um Netflix world,
you talk about me,
never knowing I mean either Arrested Development came finally and did you watch it all.
I’m on episode 5.

[13:43] And it’s just it’s not the same reaction watching I haven’t watched it yet no I mean man that sucks.
I was I watched it and I end the first episode went through,
and I was like all that stuff felt different different and then I when I watch the whole thing by the way.
UST tire series I had to for this.
And I don’t want to spoil anything as far as I can throw it especially since I’m actually even seen haven’t seen the pain today and then yeah.
Shakira spoiler-free as possible but I guess to your point yeah the magic was sort of gone I think watching it,
logistically there’s a lot of things that I noticed and I try to pinpoint like why is this feel different why nevermind I’m wondering if this going to be some aha moments from other people that have watch this but.
You know the show had a was like,
cheats on film or like a version of film where it was it look like it was on film back in like the original season,
it looks cheap shot on cheap cameras back in the early 2000s,
three the first three the key three seasons wasn’t shot on an HD camera that Netflix I’m sure spent a pretty penny on that they’re doing to this new seasons but they actually it looks,
shoe polish gym now to the point where like everything’s in Focus one of the cornerstones of the show is sort of this like fluid camera movement that the camera kind of fluid in a kind of along with the dialogue and now it just like stiff command and some of that has to do with the fact that.

[15:30] You know some actors aren’t actually in the scene with the other person and there is like green screen things happening in gas doubles or singles Harbor East reading in the ass from the.
We got the whole cast back together and there are Parts where the entire cast – 1 character all in a room together.
What is which character is.
It just there’s a lot of and it’s not just the camera either and that’s the one visual thing that I noticed but the other thing I notice is just a pacing the one then going back and I just binged.
On my little vacation I took out 2 weeks ago,
I’ve been back on from season one all the way through for again to get myself ready for season 5 and the one thing I noticed two is.
The pacing of the dialogue was really always fast and then any like connection was filled in with the narrator the narrator served a great purpose,
and there’s just like a long stretches of dialogue with no narration and it tries to be very worrying and even like some of the things like I think.
To be honest I like season 4 better.
Why do I didn’t know what I had before I had it.
You can cut and since I’ve gone through too I think the other thing even from season 4 is like their stuff we picked up on.

[17:06] Be. Like this all 4X Joe Cinco like there’s things that just like the rest of season of element.
You like there’s like a little words and like one liners that you by picking up on that we me and Max will end up like screaming at each other constantly this ad like nothing like,
even something I thought were like even from the first episode,
there was like some stuff like lions of the Buster and things I was like all great this is like they’re starting like new memes on the show and it just fizzled out immediately I mean I had,
I think I had three key issues with the show the new season that I’ve seen so far the first is that the actors they’re not.

[17:45] They’re at the same characters that they were in the first couple Seasons eyes when I see Joe and I see Buster if you like they forgot to play a,
how to play the character doesn’t seem like Joe but seems like he’s doing some impression of Joe it’s not the Joe from seat the key three is right so it’s a weird.

[18:03] Nanak joke he’s not he’s not,
is so adorable and so charmingly annoying as he was in the first three seasons he’s a little full of himself he’s a little.

[18:14] His lack confidence almost dark this in this new season in the same field Buster he’s just not,
she’s not as innocent as he used to be in this could be because of time progressing but we don’t really want to see that with these characters is a sitcom there is not really I don’t want to become a different person that you like seeing the same character you see the entire way through again I think Joey changed,
all that much in friends and entire elevenses have friends was on.
He loves sandwiches from season 1 for the last and I think the new south of Arrested did they change the character directions a little bit and it’s,
it is lost the chemistry that had there were there Parts in some later episodes I want to say maybe like episode,
five or six that I was watching it and I’m just like this feels like a rehearsal,
there was there was a scene and I don’t want to ruin anything just yet and I guess in a few minutes maybe we’ll will get until your little spoilers worn but there was a scene I’m watching I’m just like.
Everyone’s tone is off and I’m just like is it looks like they film the rehearsal,
and just feel like you know what that was fine just someone has to leave and go do another project cut it print it like we’re we’re good because there was like no emotion and and again.
Even the way the dialog is structured it used to be really Snappy like there was.

[19:43] Nolo in the dialogue of Arrested Development like it was everything just bounce back and forth it was filmed the narrator any references went off to like things that I like you know beer all they ended up showing in an in this just like.
Black Dan and even the episode structure there was a little excited that I was going back to the whole 22-minute thing.
And like I did not stick with it but even when they tried to the show it just kind of ended on weird laws where it’s like that’s the end of the episode.
There was no Seiler was kinda like how cool we’re at a time we’ll see you in the next episode and that was it so are people like in agreeance with you guys,
a really sore like this is awesome have you looked at the reviews cuz I feel like I’ve looked for something to back up what I was thinking and all I find are people like this is great it’s,
back to its roots I didn’t want to see that until I I watch,
that the whole way through but I hunt I’m not surprised people would give that new unanimously positive reviews because they’re just so happy it’s back yeah and I want to feel that way and I and I still love this show,
and I’m still going to watch it for more time to see if it grows on me because usually it doesn’t maybe I’m missing something maybe I’m just realizing too hard I set the bar too high as they always do with the rest of them because I love it so much the narration is off the stories are way too confusing you’re doing way too many callbacks the forget-me-now plot with the roof he is just very confusing they keep coming back to it,
and I hate that it didn’t season 4 and they didn’t get a season 5 I just don’t understand it the writing’s off I mean the two main writers Mitch hurwitz and James Valley are back yeah the other Riders are gone.

[21:22] And there is that what it was anyway I could be I don’t know I mean there were there were 14 writers on the first three seasons of arrested on there now I think there’s three,
and I don’t know I don’t know I mean I love Mitch hurwitz I just don’t know if this much creative control was affecting the show the fact that he is so much more,
and I know it’s because in the show exist so I have a hard time taking him and I have no I have nothing I’ve already experienced the back this up maybe I’m completely wrong sometimes when we see shows go off Network or flip from a network to Netflix and things like that,
we end up seeing sometimes where they’re just giving like free creative control and you see the difference of like.

[22:07] Yes everyone complains about Network notes in like you know being held to these different things and standards and practices will like the walls and and rails they have to run Within,
but sometimes that’s a good thing sometimes it’s okay to be told.
You need you need us episode Arc of Three episodes with Charlize Theron you know it looks sometimes that’s in the necessary because it ends up creating creativity that they have to work with it and weep joked around about how it so many times like,
product placement in summer shows has been,
really funny because they’re kind of forced to integrate it let me do it in like a really funny way and so yeah I mean sometimes too much greater control can be a bad thing in the first three seasons of Arrested Development did not have one throw a lie,
every line meant something either towards the plot or some call back or some just very something creatively driven.
And the new season has it at best maybe five lines I thought that were funny that I remember,
that’s actually disappointing cuz you’re right that is what happened directly after season 3 it would be completely different,
we would have all the cash there,
they would have the same writing staff they would have the same momentum they had for the genius three seasons that it was on and then we get these sort of you know there’s some callbacks,
who gives a shit we’re getting paid Millions that’s the problem with those kind of these kinds of like reboots and revivals I feel like before it’s kind of like.

[23:41] I feel like the original Roseanne was a little more edgy maybe it’s just because I was younger and the times were different,
just had a funny or Edge and now it’s just kind of corny and the jokes are so like kind of really predictable,
are we going to do spoilers on the first episode,
because I think that’s if anyone touched on it they can give it 22 minutes to watch 20,
it was going to shorten the I-70 going to be more like the original and that’s the funny part is I was going to say is the one in the first episode between maybe and George Michael which is the best plot line of the show so far at all I will say,
it it yeah it did absolutely is the most concise clear pot plot line next to.
Nope that’s it that’s it there’s a there’s a scene where they’re at they they’re sitting down at a table when she walks out of Lucille to his apartment and they’re having a dialogue back and forth and I was watching it I watch it a second time.
Just make sure I would I didn’t I got um thinking properly and they’re just sitting there and there’s dialogue back and forth and it became really clear that like,
Mitch hurwitz our gym about like wrote this and you’re like this is really funny dialogue and there’s no interaction with the narrator jumping in.
It’s just a weird dialogue back and forth about oh dang you always said this in like in this weird I like her or is that supposed to be funny and at the end of the day it’s like it just drags and it’s not it doesn’t hit.

[25:21] It doesn’t actually like Landa a giant punching again I think what made the show special was it.
Call Buster has a hook or Jobe is crazy or you know Jordan that wasn’t what made the show special the magic was the pacing of the writing and the jokes and the call backs and,
things like that which are completely apps in here and I think I think what’s most frustrating is I can get there having,
budgetary issues or issues with scheduling of the cast and trying to get them together which again especially now in hindsight looking at season 4 I’ll give it a lot more credit,
because writing good material doesn’t cost money more money it just is like sitting there and and finessing the work until you get a.
Very highly polished piece in throat into your show this I think was lacking that and I’m broke.
Whatever made him schedule an event you know Lindsay seems checked out.
Really Portia de Rossi didn’t see if she wants me to show why don’t think she is like,
but if you don’t you need you need everyone on board and if it’s not going to work just to let us enjoy the ones that we had I mean I’m not it’s not saying any of the new episodes I’m happy that,
but things are still sticking around I love the fan base address of Ellen because it’s it’s feverish if you meet someone who loves Arrested Development they loved everything about there’s no fair-weather Arrested Development fan of every line of the show.

[26:53] And if I ask him to quote something season for they really can’t do it but seasons 1 through 3.

[26:59] Like I caught it some stuff from season 4 it’s few and far between what am I going to turn into a meme,
wish I was like hey bud you alone most always yeah I love that,
in what season 5 it all of season 5 I’ll app,
it’s still not good is it early on or later later and I will say like later on it starts to feel a little bit more like Arrested Development but.
I think the other frustrating thing to is there’s a lot of stuff that it seemed like they just wanted to forget they ever did in season 4 and especially seeing how everything,
you know transpires in the rest of season 5 Mike why would you just abandon and then I change really going to have to season yes second apps coming out DVD.

[28:05] So can’t wait I want they did they film it already okay they’re just holding it with holding it and we’ll talk next week about this literally came out,
yesterday or today came out on the 30th on the 29th I’m breakable Kimmy Schmidt come out of the 30th which is also broken up now into 2,
two halves of the season I did not know it was released,
so that’s out also because I’m really surprising move we had talked about it because I love it it’s it’s the closest that’s a good example of a show that.
If you love 30 Rock you kind of love unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and zactly it’s the same.
Sort of writing in the same even soundtrack wise like it’s pretty much the exact same soundtrack and yeah I mean talking about different like.
Is there Mitch hurwitz aside from like that one cartoon he did has he really never done any other,
TV shows or anything he’s guessing a couple things in the Huber he did Golden Girls a long time ago he helped tea help reduce Will Arnett’s thing,
which Hawks won the TV show the episode the TV show on Fox he did right not sure he did flakes Will Arnett Show on Netflix Netflix free to breathe.

[29:40] She’s doing some stuff nothing too crazy nothing very successful but this is his biggest claim to fame is Arrested Development I hope things get better in the second half so I can say.

[29:50] Anyway anyhoo a sad night I’m sorry,
also solo nobody about what Lynch tie dye wash every,
episode list of Westworld going to be on my phone for you guys next week.
No you could do was for now I’m asking my phone.
Did you say yes so you’re not here Star Wars now I’m not but I still saw it,
okay so solo I went into with zero expectations because I did not even really want to see it I was like nah looking forward to it but you only got a massive Star Wars fan that’s surprising to me.

[30:42] If you’re like on a lot of the Star Wars nerds were very anti solo because they were kind of like this is a story we did not ask for we never wanted Han Solo’s backstory there are comic books that is this about his backstory is there a name for Star Wars fans like trekkies are boobies for the Blue Man Group,
fancy Jen question.
I don’t know like always called myself a Star Wars nerd Star Wars nerd.
I actually felt like it was better than the last Jedi.

[31:15] Well right when you go into an expectation I really liked it there was I don’t can we talk spoilers.
So it’s like I’m really having a conversation with myself there’s nobody else here cares I can play it for you,
driven away because I actually I specifically looked,
and found spoilers to understand what this when we was,
what is revealed is one of the coolest Star Wars villains and she was under appreciated,
she’s pretty mad as he’s so cool Tommy’s in the shake weight motion,
how do you describe a dragon who is Darth Maul in the win the Star Wars,
Lord who was defeated by what’s his name.
Obi-Wan Kenobi eventually yes So eventually if you follow along with Rebels and.
The cartoons he is defeated by Obi-Wan okay people don’t know though is that.
If you’re just following along from the movies in the prequels Darth Maul dies in the prequel sorry he’s defeated he’s killed he’s actually still alive and now it’s fine sorry but is that a shoe horn like if you go back is it like feasible that he.

[32:48] Not dead like he dies he dies but you know of course,
then in Rebels there’s like the starting of clones when clones and he like somehow manages it’s not really explained how can you survive back so it’s like the bad guy at the end of Die Hard,
hang in there he’s dead he’s hanging by his neck what is he,
it was pretty epic and it looks like a real Star Wars fan is like,
find out he’s The Mastermind behind this whole like crime syndicate it’s really exciting stuff I would have liked to have seen the still Miller,
Phil Lord Chris Miller interpretation of this movie since Ron Howard reshot about 75% of it seriously,
I mean I liked it I don’t know much about Star Wars I thought it was a fun fun adventure and pay life of Han Solo I wasn’t that,
big on him Alden Alden ehrenreich,
charismatic still trying to figure out who he is and in the the the Galaxy I like I love this relationship with Chewy,
yeah but that was very very very heartfelt and funny Woody Harrelson have good mentorship role as you know telling me you don’t have,
cheats for learn to we can trust in the world can’t but you can you trust your Mentor who can you trust,
I liked his interactions even with Emilia Clarke forgot her character’s name yeah.

[34:24] Donald Glover was great as Lando Calrissian,
he was doing romantic in his robot.
British male and it was brought to Amazon in the series she’s awesome that’s two boys I can make,
Gwendolyn what she sounded just like her right are you sure I am positive because I,
had to Google it after I saw it hold on I thought it was the girlfriend.
I thought you was my girl she not even at all and I’m very wrong.
So, I apologize see I’m not a Star Wars nerd I like it,
looters Lupe’s I enjoyed it I thought it was good I’m a little surprised that none of the song we’re standing out for it it made like no money didn’t do well but they’re saying people are like Star Wars fatigue,
they’re also saying that we had this conversation last week when you weren’t here Jenna,
you know what I asked for it but there’s ants were there other story people when he want to see like that it’ll be Bubba fat know everyone’s like.

[35:55] What is this thing going out for movies in a year and they all make pretty much the same amount until I can start doing different things with it like I think the difference is like if you go to see Ironman and then you go to see,
Guardians of the Galaxy they’re very different movies like you know you don’t have the type of humor and in,
Chris Pratt bring something a lot different to the role then Iron Man,
the Hans Solo stick like they know he’s like oh badass of the Galaxy and all this and it’s not nothing new like that already getting that neither movies,
what are the new movies they’re still a version of a Han Solo character in there an solo is always going to be the best he’s the best pretty good job,
oh yeah oh yeah I was acting school kid he definitely studied Harrison Ford like,
yeah. Like which is fine cuz I think you did a pretty good job he definitely is not.

[36:58] Harrison Ford sucide Associated him from Han Solo I saw it is like its own thing but the best part is chewy chewy they should have ended it when as soon as he like,
sat down we knew it was going to have that you showed they just.
They had a show in winning the family when they give you enough credit in this kind of.
I said you they spoon-fed you a lot of his plot you’re right about that and I kind of knew what was going to be 15 minutes off of it by.

[37:39] Just letting us assume it wasn’t going to happen cuz we’re going to go give us some credit,
that’s true yeah that’s true they did definitely dumb it down for the audience so dummy should see it and then I’m curious.
Hey Jenna this is homework from a couple weeks ago but the end of watching Deadpool.

[37:59] All right before we have to leave because we disappointments in the pop culture World Westworld,
Westworld is also a little bit of a Shogun World them if they made the show about Shogun world,
I’m there and I’m watching you into what Shogun world’s that’s where the Ninja,
Westworld is all like you know the wild west Shogun world is the wild Shogun Japanese culture.
Ninjas and Shogun things Keisha,
tentacle play a badass karate and stuff that’s really cool it was a lot better than I expected,
I don’t say ninja things were going to say Russian culture Samurai in in ninja movies in kung fu and all that other stuff,
don’t like Kung Fu movies but this was cool I think the biggest thing that I’m questioning is is I mean a the show is bringing back,
some characters I was like really happy came back.

[39:15] Like the girl with the dark hair review.

[39:28] The biggest thing to me is Liz lemon’s boyfriend what’s his name,
that’s all you need to know yeah I don’t know who he is trying to figure out the name of somebody who is Liz lemon’s boyfriend at 30 Rock is now,
the boyfriend in Westworld Teddy yes maybe,
because apparently she removed his feelings storyline drives me nuts if you been watching from season 1 the Dolores,
storyline where are they going with it what is she doing I’m not interested in losing interest in it the man in the black hat.

[40:09] Who is as we know Ed Harris whom we should be see him and when he’s young to I don’t know the actors name Simpson,
that’s that’s his name is Jimmy Smits for hot I like you’re wrong,
Jimmy Smits name and you immediately respond you’re usually right I know give me some Sinatra.
Oh yeah that’s right yeah I know I just didn’t know his name,
I just tell him is that guy I think you just to just explain what we’re even talking about here but.
First of all I was James marsden’s character with the Loris number one with that let me just say.
I was really scared for him but yeah at some point in the end the last episode you knew that she was going to kill him right or you expected that.
And I think I even turned my wife and I are not going to kill him you expect it but this show always says that she basically it seems like rebooting him or change to settings,
but he knows that she did that so he’s aware that she changed his personality so now what she’s like do you like to watch the sunset with me and he’s like,
you remove that part of my brain I don’t care anymore which is I shoot someone in the head so she made him like vicious and took away his his.
And yeah I mean there’s a few different things in there that that you can kinda see like the whole lot like different layers of the show like teaching lessons but the same time.
I’m just sad but James Marsden isn’t in the nice guy anymore he to deceive the cows actor because he went from being Teddy.

[41:47] You just kind of sweet naive like I’m so sweet I love Dolores and now he’s kind of a pathetic and cold and he’s playing that part pretty good too so I’m lie detector,
I think he’s I do we see everything,
hello actually is on a trained robotic dominance and there’s that and then the other freaked me out.
Which the show does every once in awhile I have was you know where the show is sort of has been opening up Bunch with like.
Dolores talking to what’s his name the guy with the glasses Arnold stop it.

[42:34] And you sort of know that Dynamic by now is that he’s like you know how Dolores and pains were in all the sudden she’s like.
Motor functions stop and then turns it around Ray and now we’re led to believe that.
I don’t know what to believe I don’t know what to believe that’s the thing so you don’t know so there’s a few different things number one either there is a real-life Dolores somewhere.
Have you thought about this I have it also read a lot of theories on Reddit,
I love rabbits there is but I haven’t I haven’t been yet here so here’s here is and tell me if you can fill me in anyway I’m missing number one there is a real-life Dolores sort of trained up.
The version of Arnold’s that we know and love that is not a right at the area that I am because remember she starts doing that whole thing that Jimmy Simpsons character,
young man black man race,
that he does earlier with the robotic version of original right the investor who so it goes to say that if that’s the same were led to believe that’s kind of the same Dynamic that there is a real-life Dolores.
That was helping build fake Arnold obviously there’s a real.
Now there’s also robot Dolores so we don’t know cuz timelines are all screwed up and you don’t know what,
timeline you’re on your watching you have to figure it out every storyline like everything that’s happening like when you’re watching Dolores and Teddy.

[44:07] It’s a completely different timeline then when you’re watching Arnold you know try and take off problems so I thought for a moment I had a grass there was like a couple episodes where.
Your lights are you explained almost that there are different timelines and you like okay I got a grasp on this okay this is earlier this is later you start kind of,
like piece in the puzzle together and then over the last two episodes it just would like.

[44:31] Through the puzzle all over the table and then you have no idea what’s when and what happened in the past or the future.
What’s now what what is like an original memory from like years years ago like yeah,
well there’s a minute. Is that Arnold there’s like multiple Arnold said there’s like literally like hundreds of Arnold’s and if they just use them for different reasons and that’s why his memory is kind of weird and there’s like some scenes where he’s wearing his glasses something’s wrong it’s not some teeth where he’s like bloody something interesting.
probably multiple the Creator showed back up in the last episode 2 so he’s also possibly in the system.

[45:11] Somehow his Consciousness is somehow in the system is this weird.
Get the name what’s his what’s his name.
Don’t look at me he’s like one of the most well-known actors of anyone’s generation Philip Silence of the Lambs.

[45:40] Hannibal Lecter fava beans and a nice Chianti.
All right I hope I hope it’s a God no one who is like a big fan of the west-world read it decided to listen to this podcast today sports chat about Westworld,
he did that singing you know that one I’m Sorry Ciara Sorry.
That’s about it that’s all I got so I’m sorry yeah next week next week Jenny weren’t here last week,
I was absent here this week I hope you’re here next week next week let’s chat,
news about underrated TV shows that all of the ones I can participate in that.

[46:39] Can great if you have any suggestions for shows that we should be washing away probably not the places came out but after I suggested this topic last week to Maxwell behind the scenes.
This past week the middle did its series finale okay which has anyone ever watched the middleman exactly apparently it’s a it’s a really black Wilden show that people should have watched three ABC ABC show yeah,
is about Middle America do they play Jimmy Eat World the middle and the theme song,
yes I hope they do have a great now it’s not a damn they don’t actually do that that’s the opportunity I said thanks.

[47:20] Complaining for years.

[47:23] Also next week is any TV shows that you think we should be watching it or not hit us up all the social media website.
This week in pop.

[47:37] Music.

[47:42] I got a text I want to listen to.
You get what you just described it for like a half hour.
Was it hail.

[48:00] Music.

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